We’re getting the monsters out of prison!

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We’re getting the monsters out of prison!

Less than two years after his conviction for kidnapping, the father of the young martyred girl from Granby will be able to leave prison and live in semi-freedom.

Let us remember for those who have forgotten the details of this scabrous story that on the night of April 28 to 29, 2019, this man (with the help of his partner) barricaded the window of his 7-year-old daughter’s bedroom to put on I don’t let her escape.

That he tied his daughter up with duct tape and a shirt tied like a straitjacket.

That he left her like that all night.

That the next morning he went to work as if nothing had happened.

And when he returned from work late in the afternoon, he found his daughter dead, asphyxiated.

And you’re telling me that this same guy gets out of prison after two years?

After wrapping his daughter in duct tape and leaving her immobilized all night and part of the next day?

Are you sick, or what ?


“The man has made progress and is motivated to reintegrate socially,” the Parole Board said to justify its decision to release him from prison.

But it doesn’t matter if he’s made progress! Whether he took watercolor lessons by correspondence or said his prayers every time before going to sleep!

Do you know who would have liked to progress, too? And who was super motivated to live normally?

Her daughter.

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Unfortunately, she will not make it, as she is locked for eternity in a wooden coffin under six feet of earth.

There will be no parole for this little owl.

No second chance.

Not only will no bureaucrat be able to allow him to escape his prison, but no human rights defender will allow him to escape the death penalty.

She was executed in the most terrible manner.

By the very people who were supposed to care for her and protect her.

The school, the neighbors, the DPJ, everyone let him down.

Nobody took care of her.

And after only two years, we free our torturer?

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It is as if his corpse was dug up and other indignities were subjected to him.

Even the condemned man’s mother thinks he shouldn’t have gotten out!


He will have to explain to me, one day, why Western societies are so conciliatory and so understanding towards bastards.

What is the point of “reintegrating this man into society”?

There are many people who have not committed any crime and who find themselves without a job, without housing, on the street. Can we help these poor people before taking child torturers out of prisons?

We judge a society by how it treats its most vulnerable members, the adage goes.


But we also judge a society by the way it treats its most odious members.

Archive photo, AFP

What message are we sending to society by letting this man out?

That the life of a 7 year old girl is worth two years in prison.

No more.

Two years in prison is the sentence handed down to a computer hacker in 2010.

And the one received by a citizen of the Laurentians for having insulted a judge.

This is justice in Quebec.

The sentences do not reflect the seriousness of the crimes committed.

In 2005, journalist Yves Thériault published a leaflet on the Parole Board entitled Everybody out !

We need to write the rest…

QS: to hell with virtue!

We’re getting the monsters out of prison! - 1


The QS candidate in Camille-Laurin who stole PQ leaflets during the campaign, allowing the PSPP to become a deputy…

Ruba Ghazal sends emails to his troops telling them how to destroy the credibility of his closest opponent in his race to become co-spokesperson of the party…

Émilise Lessard-Therrien who denies her previous statements and affirms that QS, ultimately, is doing well to buy advertising on Facebook…

Alexandre Leduc who launches a big “Kiss my » to Simon Jolin-Barrette…

Is this doing politics differently at QS?

Radio silence for Bock-Côté

We’re getting the monsters out of prison! - 3

Photo provided by Éditions La Cité

Mathieu Bock-Côté, the most important Quebec intellectual of his generation, launched a powerful essay on Wokism a few weeks ago.

The essay, titled Totalitarianism without the gulagis at the top of the charts in France.

Here, at the time of going to press, only one newspaper spoke of this work: the one you hold in your hands.

Nothing in The dutynothing in it The press.

But when an illustrious stranger wrote a book against Mathieu four years ago, The duty deemed it worthy of a lengthy positive review.



We’re getting the monsters out of prison! - 5

Photo Michaël Nguyen

Thus, the SQ police officers decided to take out their clown pants from the mothballs in order to protest against the lack of progress in the negotiations of their next collective agreement.

Afterwards, we wonder why fewer and fewer people respect authority figures…

Are government employees in positions of authority prohibited from wearing conspicuous religious symbols?

So what are we waiting for to also ban them from wearing Halloween costumes?

Do you dress like a clown? You are a clown!


We’re getting the monsters out of prison! - 7

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