The Russian president, who received his Turkish counterpart in Sochi on September 4, reiterated that Russia would not return to the cereal agreement as long as the points of this agreement which concern it were not respected.

No promises kept, no agreements. This September 4, while receiving his Turkish counterpart in Sochi, the Russian President reiterated that Russia would not sign a new extension of the Black Sea Initiative as long as the clauses concerning it were not applied.

“It’s often with our Western partners that it happens like this, they deceived us, they did nothing,” said Vladimir Putin during a joint press conference. Taking Recep Tayyip Erdogan as a witness, with whose help the famous cereal agreement could have been concluded in July 2022, the Russian president recalled that Moscow had already agreed to extend these agreements against promises which ultimately never materialized.

The cereals agreement “has not improved the international food situation”

“We are not against an agreement, we are ready to return to it immediately, as soon as the promises that have been made to Russia are kept,” insisted the Kremlin tenant. He also accused kyiv of having used the corridor opened to ships, by this agreement, “to make arms deliveries”.

Vladimir Putin also believes that the Black Sea Initiative “has not improved the international food situation”. “There is not really a shortage today, just a distribution problem, but that is absolutely not linked to the cereal agreement”, added the Head of State, before recalling that only a a tiny fraction of the cargo shipped by Ukraine under the deal had been routed. sent to the poorest countries.

A reality far from being in phase, in the eyes of the Russian president, with the stated objective of this Black Sea Initiative: in this case, to avoid a world food crisis which would hit the poorest countries. “Western countries have deceived us, in terms of humanitarian objectives,” assured Vladimir Putin.

The Turkish president is preparing for his part “new proposals” with the UN to “obtain results” but he did not give any details on this subject. However, he said in response to the press that Ukraine should “soften its approach”.

According to the UN tally, about 12 million tons of Ukrainian grain and other food products were delivered to European member states in this way, with China receiving 8 million. Long before the suspension of its participation in the grain agreement, the Russian president had promised the most needy countries that, in such an eventuality, Moscow would compensate for Ukrainian deliveries.

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