On the French Lose Federation “celebrate France which is losing”. Raphaël Ruegger chooses the France that succeeds and creates the French Federation of Things That Work. They do not list entrepreneurial successes, not its credo, they are local initiatives which make it possible to improve the daily lives of the inhabitants of a municipality.

In short, things that work and which often go unnoticed. However, if Apprentoit works in Lamontjoie, 600 inhabitants in Lot-et-Garonne, he could work in Cohons, a town of 600 inhabitants also in Haute-Marne. Conversely, the transport service set up in Lorraine can be duplicated in the South-West.

This Tuesday takes place the second evening of the French Federation of Things That Work at the Théâtre de la Madeleine, in Paris. Raphaël Ruegger, 23, will take the stage accompanied by seven mayors from all over France who will present their “little or little-known local initiatives, which have proven themselves and can be replicated”.

We let you watch his interview and discover three gems from the FFTM.


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