When Steve Jobs first introduced the iPad, back in 2010, he sWe only had a 9.7-inch model available to choose from. However, over the years, Apple has been modifying the line from the 7.9-inch iPad mini to the big 12.9-inch iPad Pro.

The iPad has become one of the most important devices in the Apple ecosystem and the company knows it, which is why it now offers numerous alternatives of different prices so that each type of user can choose the one that best suits them depending on their preferences.

Apple currently sells 4 very well differentiated iPad models, although many of them are similar and it may be difficult for you to choose. But that’s what we are here for we will try to help you choose the perfect iPad for you in this 2020.

How to choose the perfect iPad in 2020

Next we will analyze What type of users is each current iPad model for?, and we will advise you which one you should buy, depending on both your needs and the price of the device. You will also have a purchase link below each one with a cheaper price than the official marked by Apple.

iPad 2019

This is the iPad for the vast majority of users, the most recommended if you don’t need a tablet to work and you don’t want to spend a lot of money. These are its specifications.

iPad 2019
Dimensions and weight 25.06 x 17.41 x 0.75 cm and 483 g
Screen 10.2-inch Retina display
Processor A10 Fusion
Storage 32 and 128 GB
Camera 8 Mpx
Biometric sensor Touch ID
Apple Pencil Compatible with 1st generation Apple Pencil
Keyboard Compatible with Smart Keyboard and Bluetooth keyboards
Official price From 379 euros

The iPad 2019, like the previous models without a last name, is the iPad intended for students that Apple introduced a few years ago. It is an inexpensive version that is perfect for consuming content and for simpler tasks such as taking notes or using office applications. Is compatible with both Apple Pencil and official Apple keyboard, an advantage that this model could not boast before.

However, although students were the main beneficiaries of this iPad, it is not only recommended for them, if you are not a demanding user and want to an iPad to watch Netflix, Disney +, YouTube, play from time to time and consume a lot of multimedia content, this is the ideal model for you.

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iPad mini

The Small and portable iPad to always carry with you without realizing it. A great add-on for users who need a small screen.

iPad mini
Dimensions and weight 20.32 x 13.48 x 0.61 cm and 300 g
Screen 10.5-inch Retina True Tone display
Processor A12 Bionic
Storage 64 and 256 GB
Camera 8 Mpx
Biometric sensor Touch ID
Apple Pencil Compatible with 1st generation Apple Pencil
Keyboard Compatible with Bluetooth keyboards
Official price From 449 euros

It is an ideal iPad for those who need maximum potability without sacrificing power, since it has the A12 Bionic processor. Being compatible with Apple Pencil is perfect to replace a small notepad, but it is also perfect for playing all the games available in the App Store. For those who like to consume content, and do not want a very large screen, it is a perfect device.

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iPad Air

The iPad Air is a intermediate evolution between iPad 2019 and iPad Pro. Intended for those who want to use the iPad as a work tool, but do not need as much power or want to spend a lot of money.

iPad Air
Dimensions and weight 25.06 x 17.41 x 0.61 cm and 456 g
Screen 10.5-inch True Tone Retina display
Processor A12 Bionic
Storage 64 and 256 GB
Camera 8 Mpx
Biometric sensor Touch ID
Apple Pencil Compatible with 1st generation Apple Pencil
Keyboard Compatible with Smart Keyboard and Bluetooth keyboards
Official price From 549 euros

Apple’s new iPad Air it is ideal for those who need a large screen and are going to work with their iPad, is compatible with both the Apple Pencil and the official Apple keyboard, because it is a very productive device that can replace your computer on many occasions. Of course, its large screen makes it ideal for consuming content, videos and playing games, but if you only want it for this, it is better to consider other options.

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iPad Pro 2020

The iPad Pro born to replace the laptop And with the latest iPadOS features it is already very close to being the perfect solution, both for power and mobility.

iPad Pro 11 ″ iPad Pro 12.9 ″
Dimensions and weight 24.76 x 17.85 x 0.59 cm and 468 g 28.06 x 21.49 x 0.59 cm and 631 g
Screen 11 ″ ProMotion and True Tone Liquid Retina display 12.9 ″ ProMotion and True Tone Liquid Retina display
Processor A12Z Bionic A12Z Bionic
Storage 128, 256, 512 GB and 1 TB 128, 256, 512 GB and 1 TB
Cameras 12 MP + 10 MP + LiDAR 12 MP + 10 MP + LiDAR
Biometric sensor Face ID Face ID
Apple Pencil Compatible with 2nd generation Apple Pencil Compatible with 2nd generation Apple Pencil
Smart keyboard Compatible with the Smart Keyboard Folio, Magic Keyboard and Bluetooth keyboards Compatible with the Smart Keyboard Folio, Magic Keyboard and Bluetooth keyboards
Official price From 879 euros From 1,099 euros

IPad Pro are devices designed to work with them, perfect for editors, working with office automation tools or with the increasingly professional apps that we have available in the App Store. It is also compatible with the new Apple Magic Keyboard with trackpad perfect for work and with a lot of future ahead. Of course you can also consume content, watch series and play thanks to its power and large screen.

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Other interesting iPad models

In addition to these 4 models, we have other options from previous years that are still very interesting in 2020 and with which you can save a good amount of money. Our Personal recommendation are two models: the iPad 2018 and the iPad Pro 2018, which can be a real opportunity.

If you are a student or want to buy an iPad for a child, or you just don’t need a lot of power and features, the 2018 iPad is ideal. It only has a slightly smaller screen than the iPad 2019, 9.7 inches vs 10.2, and it is not compatible with the official Apple keyboard. Nevertheless has the same A10 Fusion processor and is much cheaperIf you can find a store that sells it new.

On the other hand, if you were thinking of buying an iPad Pro, it is almost more advisable to get the 2018 model than the 2020 model. They have pretty much the same internal specs and the only noticeable difference is the rear camera, even the 2018 iPad Pro supports the Magic Keyboard with trackpad. A very interesting solution in this 2020 now that it has dropped a lot in price.

Buy iPad Pro 2018

As you can see there are many perfect iPad models for different types of users, it is important to choose the ideal device for you and hopefully with this buying guide we have solved your doubts. No matter what iPad model you buy, you will surely not regret it.

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