The Season 4 DMZ is hitting players with its usual level reset to faction missions. With LTE to try before time runs out and more missions than ever thanks to the introduction of the Phalanx Faction, the job is back for Call of Duty players. More and more missions have been added, dedicated to extracting key items, placing goods in and out of Dead Drops, and finding the new Boss to defeat in the Vondel area. With map changes to increase gameplay quality overall and provide something new for players to admire, there are new ways to experience the map from different vantage points and new highs. This is Vincent’s guide on how to complete White Lotus Tier 2 Night Operation Mission in Warzone 2.0 DMZ.

Night Operation Mission Guide – Tower Locations

The Night Operation Mission requires players to obtain the two infrared beacons needed for the mission through the Al Sharim Pass Dead Drop. The road to Al Sharim can be tricky to maneuver as the threat level here is higher than at other Al Mazrah landmarks. For this reason, you must enter the site from the southwest side, take a vehicle to the area, and walk up the south side. From there you can use stealth to get to the Dead Drop Dumpster and get the two Beacons. Refer to the map below for the location of the Dead Drop (black circle). After picking up the Beacons, you now need to place them above the appropriate Al Mazrah Towers.

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The towers in question are located in the construction zone of the Mawizeh swamps. Luckily, this area is much easier to navigate and you should only be dealing with low value AIs such as Al Qatala soldiers. In that case, you might want to use a Light Helo to do most of the work for you. You need to head north from Al Sharim Pass and into the Mawizeh Swamps. You want to stay on the right bank of the region, along the river. Both towers are located directly on the sandy construction site in the area between Al Sharim Pass and Al Mazrah town. You can enter the towers from its base and climb the inner abseil line without having to worry about flying and trying to land the Helo if you’re playing solo.

The entrance to the towers from the ground is located in the spheres highlighted on the map below. There is a square pillar inside where the abseil line is which you can use to climb the two towers. You need to head to the very top of the towers, to the largest platform you can stand on, rather than the smaller platform at the top of the tower. Keep in mind that enemies can spawn here and spawn on the tower with you. Look down at the circular concrete platform for the button prompt to place beacons down. Remember that you must place a beacon on each tower in the Al Mazrah AM construction area.

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