New seasons bring new mission and level resets, giving these deployment veterans a second chance to get ahead of the pack in their XP gain. Exfiltrating has never been easier, with the massive amounts of armor options, backpack variations, and weapon changes to create a more balanced PvP experience. A new faction is added to the fold and with it comes missions that test your expertise in area knowledge, positioning, managing your inventory, and knowledge of the undead. The Shadow Company faction is counting on you to locate Konni Battle Notes in the ghost town of Vondel and while the task seems simple enough, having no indication of where to look or what to look for when it comes to Intel makes this surprisingly difficult mission. . This is Vincent’s guide to where to find Battle Notes for Battle Plans Mission in Warzone 2.0 DMZ.

Where to find the Intel for Battle Plans

Location of Instructions for Cargo Ships

The worst thing about it Level 1 The mission is for each Intel to be given a unique name that cannot be found anywhere. Although the Intel can be found on every map, Ashika Island is by far the easiest to access and complete when it comes to strongholds. The first piece of information you need is instructions for cargo ships, which are best obtained inside a fortress. You will need to eliminate all the enemies inside and check the ground for pieces of paper that will have a title when you hover over the item to pick it up. Look for “Cargo Vessel Instructions” here.

To make your life easier if you’re someone who doesn’t typically enter strongholds, use cover and building layout to your advantage. Make sure you have lethal and tactical gear to blind and damage all enemies. You should also use the gates to your advantage by luring enemies into a choke position that allows you to take them out more easily. Remember that you will need a Stronghold keycard to access any fortress. You will need to enter a total of 3 separate Strongholds in order to get the x3 Cargo Ship instructions you need to successfully tick this objective off the list.

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Konni Battle Notes Location

The battle notes are the real horror of this mission. With literally no answers given on where to look for these notes, and no specific places for players to check, there’s only one way to find these battle notes – the Konni Soldiers themselves. You need to head to areas that have higher threat levels and a clear visual that the Konni Militia are in the area. Examples of this are airstrikes displayed on the map to highlight the location of the action where the Konni are or the smoke in the actual area where the war is taking place. Konni soldiers wear the black disguise similar to the field upgrade and all-black outfits. Unlike the Cartel which spawns in a specific location in Al Mazrah, Konni Soldiers spawn on every map and in a variety of locations. Be sure to indicate whether or not you are in an active combat area under the map indicator area at the top of your game screen.

Konni soldiers can spawn in Sarrif Bay, Mawizeh Swamps, Ahkdar Village, and Al Mazrah Airport in Al Mazrah. However, these soldiers can also spawn in Vondel and Isle of Ashika, so be sure to look for this airstrike early in your deployment to highlight the area they reside in or drive around until you be in an active combat zone. You will find the Battle Notes on the corpses of Konni soldiers that you or your allies have eliminated. These spawn as A3 sheets of paper as floor loot after killing Private Konni.

An important note for this mission is that you must successfully knock down all Intel for each objective. You won’t be able to Exfiltrate with Intel, so be sure to find the 3 Dead Drop Instructions, then the 3 Dead Drop Battle Notes. These can be done separately as objectives, but you must Dead Drop every 3 of an Intel type in order to tick that off your list of objectives.

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