Who are the five Macronist deputies who did not respond to avoid the rejection of the text?

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Who are the five Macronist deputies who did not respond to avoid the rejection of the text?

Five Renaissance elected officials were absent this Monday evening, exactly the number of votes missing to allow the law defended by Gérald Darmanin to be debated in the National Assembly.

Names little known to the general public but which will remain in the lead within the presidential majority. Five Renaissance deputies were absent this Monday evening to avoid the rejection of the immigration law, while their presence would have allowed Gérald Darmanin to have his text examined, beaten by exactly five votes.

A deputy alongside Macron

Among those absent is Monique Iborra. This deputy from Haute-Garonne, who distinguished himself last spring for having renounced being rapporteur of the law in order to age well, was at the time of the vote alongside… Emmanuel Macron. The president presented his industrial strategy for France this Monday in Toulouse.

Élisabeth Borne had nevertheless beaten the recall of the troops by calling on ministers not to travel on Monday to avoid parliamentarians welcoming them in the constituencies, without obviously addressing the head of state.

A parliamentarian in Saudi Arabia

The deputy for French people abroad Amélia Lakrafi was also not present during the vote in the National Assembly. This Sunday evening, she was in Saudi Arabia for a meeting of the Franco-Saudi business council.

Jean-François Ardouin, deputy for Charente-Maritime, was also absent. This MP is relatively rarely present in the hemicycle. In six years in the Assembly, this former cognac business manager has, for example, not worked on any report. Since last February, he has only spoken once, on November 7.

Anne Genetet, vice-president of the group, was also not present this Monday in the hemicycle. Respected within her group, this MP for French people abroad specializes in defense issues. Contacted by BFMTV.com, her team indicated that she was in China for a “long-planned trip”.

No sanctions on the menu

Finally, Michel Lauzzana was also missing. This MP from Lot-et-Garonne co-sponsored the bill aimed at banning puffs, these disposable electronic cigarettes, voted on last week in the Assembly.

If these deputies were able to be reprimanded this Tuesday in a group meeting, no sanction should be applied for their absence in the name of the “free exercise of their mandate” guaranteed by law.

Who are the five Macronist deputies who did not respond to avoid the rejection of the text? - 1

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