WHO worries about risks of epidemics in Gaza shelters

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WHO worries about risks of epidemics in Gaza shelters

Cover image: In Khan Younes, south of the Gaza Strip, November 29, 2023. MOHAMMED SALEM / REUTERS

  • Twelve new hostages – ten Israelis and two Thais – were released by Hamas and arrived in Israelannounced the Israeli army on Tuesday evening, November 28.
  • Thirty Palestinian prisoners – women and young people under 19 – were released Tuesday evening, announced the Israeli prison authority. Among them, a 14-year-old teenager, Ahmed Salaima. He is the youngest Palestinian detainee to have been released since the truce took effect.
  • Since the start of the truce on Friday, the Islamist movement freed eighty-one hostages. For its part, Israel releases one hundred and eighty Palestinian prisoners.
  • According to the Palestinian Red Crescent, one hundred and fifty trucks of humanitarian aid have entered the northern Gaza Strip since the start of the truce on Friday.
  • The UN is concerned “high risk of starvation” in the Palestinian enclave. A six-day truce is not “not enough to have a significant impact”estimates the World Food Program, which calls for “an uninterrupted and regular supply” of food in Gaza.
  • The French helicopter carrier Diksmuideintended to provide hospital support, received the first wounded, according to the Minister of the Armed Forces, Sébastien Lecornu. The hospital structure of the ship, which docked Monday in the Egyptian port of El-Arich, includes two operating rooms, forty beds, eighty caregivers, scanners and analysis laboratories, the minister said.

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