It’s been a while since Nintendo hosted a Direct.

Indeed, the last event dates back to September 2019. Suffice to say that fans have been on the lookout for the manufacturer’s plans for 2020 for a while now.

Barring last month’s Pokémon Direct announcing mostly DLCs from Pokémon Sword and Shield as well as the arrival of the remake of Pokemon Rescue Team: DXnothing else around flagship licenses has emerged.

However, there are some indications that a new Nintendo Direct could take place this month.

Starting with Gamestop’s listing of unannounced games for the Switch in their database.

Then there is Sabi’s recent leaksindicating that a game Paper Mario is on track, as well as a Metroid 2D and that one big license with tires should arrive this end of the year. Recall that Sabi has proven to be reliable in the past, thus adding to the credibility of his remarks even if these remain rumours.

Finally, the last element accentuating this belief of a Nintendo Direct in the coming weeks is quite simply the fact that the manufacturer organized one in February 2019.

Anyway, we just have to wait and hope for surprises and big announcements when the next Nintendo Direct is organized.

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