Whether it’s after a simple game of hide-and-seek or losing sight of one of their children in a shopping center, the reasons that push a creator to start a game are as rich as they are varied. However, those who pushed Yoko Taro to create the series Deny are all quite particular and rather different from what we are used to hearing.

Indeed, during an interview in the Japanese show Toco Toco TV, Yoko Taro said he created the Nier series because he was tired of AAA games and that he wanted to create something unexpected.

When I look at AAA games, obviously I find them beautiful and interesting, but after 20 minutes of play, I wonder if it’s going to be the same for the next 20 hours. I’m a little tired of all this…If possible, I would like to create unexpected games, games that change shape. This is the state of mind I was in when I created the first Nier game and the same for Nier: Automata.

In this same interview, the Japanese creator had some strange words to say the least regarding Nier players and at the same time reinforced the image he has built over the years.

In the people who play my games, I think a lot of them are a little weird. These people have a tendency to look elsewhere, which happens on the fringes of current entertainment.

My lifestyle is rather “special”. I don’t like traveling or working outside. I take no pleasure in it. Instead, I prefer to stay in my room in the dark to play and think. I find it more enriching…..I live doing what I want to do. I love playing games or writing stories. I don’t have any other hobbies apart from that.

After all his statements, we can say that Yoko Taro is a creator as brilliant as he can be marginal. One of the biggest brands in the industry.

You can watch the entire report (subtitled in French) from Toco Toco below:

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