Today, I am going to talk to you about a subject that is very annoying. If you’ve been hyped for Diablo 4 like me as a good hack & slash groupie, then what’s happening with Diablo 4 right now should interest you. Just a few months after its release, this long-awaited title from Blizzard seems to be having trouble keeping its players in suspense. Players deserted the servers, there were more people when the game was released than there were at the end of season 1. But what is happening with Diablo 4?

Diablo 4 Stats Are Plummeting: As Shown Activeplayerthe stats are truly catastrophic:

Diablo 4: the results of a mixed launch

When we embarked on the Diablo 4 adventure, we quickly took a look at the new features. The new classes, the graphic overhaul, the narrative… All of this brings real added value initially. The players have fun, the story is gripping, the gaming experience is interesting until you reach the end of the main story.

And here is the drama. Why does Diablo 4 have such little content after the main story is completed? Why aren’t there more difficulties, more challenges to overcome? Why does Diablo 4 present itself as a multiplayer game when in reality, there is no point in playing in groups? And above all, why does Diablo 4 require an internet connection when it could almost be played solo?

Diablo 4 system flaws

If Diablo 4 presents interesting content during the first part of the adventure, it is clear that once the main story is finished, the game loses its luster. We find ourselves going in circles in three main activities: farming blood shards during infernal waves, PvP and nightmare dungeons.

It seems that the developers of Diablo 4 have forgotten that what makes a game of this type so charming is its end-game content, the possibility of taking on new challenges, of continually progressing and of playing cooperatively with other players. However, Diablo 4 does not offer this. Or he’s doing it wrong. The dungeons, the events on the map, the PvP, all of this is sorely lacking in diversity and interest.

“The Future of Diablo 4”
The Future of Diablo 4 looks very bleak, and the next couple of weeks into season 2 will be ultimate testing ground if Diablo 4 has sustainable ground for survive and thrive will depend much how Diablo 4 team presents Diablo 4.

With that said, we now…

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A multiplayer game that isn’t really one

One of the biggest problems with Diablo 4 is its multiplayer aspect. Highlighted during the promotion of the game, this functionality unfortunately seems to have been put aside during the development of the game. We have the impression that instead of offering real content for multiplayer, Diablo 4 is content to have a guild tab and allow players to cross paths in the different areas of the game.

And yet, the developers of Diablo 4 have decided to require players to have an internet connection to play their game. But what’s the point, if the game can be played solo and if the multiplayer aspect is so poorly developed?

A questionable economic model

Finally, how can we not talk about the economic model of Diablo 4? Between the price of the maximum edition at 120 euros and the well-developed online store, we have the impression that Diablo 4 was designed above all to generate profits rather than to satisfy the expectations of players.

The verdict is clear: one month after its release, Diablo 4 seems to be having trouble retaining its players. Between a disappointing end-game content, an underdeveloped multiplayer aspect and a questionable economic model, Diablo 4 accumulates disappointments. Afterwards, there was in quick succession the release of Baldur’s Gate 3, the real ultimate GOTY in my opinion, and then Starfield. It’s obvious that the developers of Diablo 4 still have work to do if they want to win back the hearts of players. Hopefully, future updates and expansions will rectify the situation. Will they come up with a crazy idea for a season that would revive the game? The future will tell !

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