Once the tutelary figure of the original PlayStation, Wipeout returns to PS4 with an episode which compiles the PS3 opus from 2008 and that of the Vita released 4 years later. For surprises, we’ll come back, but the soup is so good that it would be criminal not to refill it…

It is therefore difficult to give a satisfied integral when we know in advance that the game before our eyes, as glorious as it is, does not bring much more than we already know. However, the facts are there: Wipeout 2048but above all “ HD » as well as its extension “ Fury » delivered a few years ago concentrated pleasure based on hyperspeed, in futuristic races where video game ecstasy was only earned after laborious hours of play. With this Omega Collection This particular gameplay remains the common thread that will keep players fed up with the popcorn arcade school away. For the rest, the game already enjoyed a plastic beauty which shines even more here, especially when activating the winning PS4 Pro 4K HDR combo, even if the sometimes crude backgrounds contrast with the infinite care given to the ships, combined with that exhilarating feeling of speed.

Humility is not an empty word in Wipeout

Addition of games obliges, the content is also to match with a rich campaign, varied in its events, then a mode Racebox which allows you to choose between having fun, getting frustrated, and above all complaining, in à la carte events that some will judge as a proposition caressing the video game holy grail. Let’s focus, for example, on Zone mode and its cult trophy “Zone Zeus” which put an entire generation of players to the test. Happiness in a video game comes down here to this simple pleasure, which consists of managing a ship which gradually accelerates and will inexorably end up crashing against the rails of a circuit which takes on psyche colors for the occasion. Humility is not an empty word in Wipeout. Neither does epilepsy.

Since there is unfortunately not much to say about the substantive additions of this compilation, other than a few additional musical tracks, let us remind newcomers that the experience Wipeout, as harsh as it is in certain circumstances, can also be softened by activating the piloting assistance which consequently softens the gameplay, but allows you to act “like the adults”. The Dualshock 4 controller, thanks to its slightly larger joystick and its longer-travel triggers, also provides increased precision which will delight demanding players.

A sound design of rare power in a video game

Speaking of requirements, it is good to point out that the technical part, already very solid on PS3 (with native 1080p in 60FPS, a small miracle at the time), becomes totally impeccable on PS4. Whether solo, split screen or online, no drop in frame rate is not to be reported. Finally, it’s impossible not to mention this sound design of rare power in a video game, which skillfully mixes crazy electro sounds and sound effects with magnetic coldness. If these few paragraphs were not enough, the price of Wipeout Omega Collection set at 40 euros in version retail will convince you.

Most :
  • A graphic festival
  • Impeccable technique
  • Stunning soundscape
  • A gameplay to tame
  • Big content
The lessers :
  • The haters will cry
  • A “simple” remaster
  • Should we try VR?
THE REVIEW OF THE WipEout Omega Collection TEST 17

While it is normal to regret the absence of an original game, the qualities of this compiled and remastered Wipeout are immense. Sleek aesthetics, demanding gameplay with enormous room for progression, and, a rare feeling, the sensation of diving into a universe that magnifies everything it touches. Wipeout, or the elite of futuristic racing.

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