Star Citizenthe space simulator of Cloud Imperium Games, is the game of eternal development. At the moment, the game does not have a confirmed release date, nor a release window. However, what it does have is a good cushion of money, one that has increased considerably since last 2022, and that is that Star Citizen has already cost more than two very powerful Triple A.

If in September of the previous year we echoed the 500 million dollars invested in the development of this massive game, today we have to talk about the same thing again. It is something that we can easily resort to, but it is that when you hear that Star Citizen has had a cost of nothing less than 589 million dollarsIt’s easy to get scared.

That’s right, US development is dangerously close, step by step, to a billion dollars invested. As the company itself has commented in a easy access pagethe simulator has almost 5 million players in your database. All of them, responsible for the game having reached that gargantuan figure.

In fact, so that you take into account the amount that has been handled in this development not yet finished, Star Citizen has cost more than GTA 5 and cyberpunk 2077 combined. The first of these, the open world of rock starhad a budget of 265 million dollars between development and advertising. On the other hand, the RPG of CD project it cost about 316 million dollars In its development. A total amount of 581 million that Star Citizen exceeds by 8 million.

Image by Cloud Imperium Games

The most curious thing is if we compare it with other lower budget games like The Witcher 3. As Gamespot shared in 2015, the Polish RPG cost 306 million złoty, something like 81 million dollars. With what Star Citizen has cost we could do 7 more adventures Geralt for just under 570 million.

What about Squadron 42?

The million dollar question. Star Citizen’s single player campaign remains a promise, so far unfulfilled. It was introduced in 2012 with a little teaser. Since then, we have been able to see it twice counted and, for the moment, No date launch and everything seems to indicate that Cloud Imperium’s interest is focused on this expanded universe, not on the story mode.

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