E3 2016 is coming soon! And you are not without knowing that Bethesda will hold a conference there on June 13 at 4 a.m. in the morning, French time. If we do not yet know anything about what will be revealed there in a secure manner, this is the site SamaGame who releases the first information. According to him, sequels to Wolfenstein: The New Order, The Evil Within and Prey would be announced during the conference.

The site takes advantage of this intervention and these “announcements” to affirm the rumor that we relayed this morning that a remaster of Skyrim would also be revealed during the show.

The first news regarding the sequel to Wolfenstein: The New Order appeared in September 2015 when one of the actresses who lent her voice to the first game declared during a television interview: “We are in the process of making a second one which will take two more years. »

Prey 2which would in fact be a reboot of the franchise different from what we had seen, would be developed by Arkane Austin and would have already revealed some clues concerning its presence.

For The Evil Within 2this must be one of the first times that the game is mentioned but the matter remains possible given that the developers from Tango Gameworks have remained very quiet since they finished working on the DLC for the first game around mid-2015.

We let you speculate and give you an appointment for the conference Bethesda at E3 to check all this out.

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