The annual iteration of the franchise WWE highlights in this edition Brock Lesnarone of the most impressive wrestlers in the history of the federation, even more so when we know that he was World Heavyweight Champion in the UFC, the no less famous MMA league.

What does it offer us WWE 2K17 ? What’s new this year? The answer in our test.

WWE 2K17: Fan service galore

Regulars of the franchise will find their feet through the different game modes available to them, and newcomers will appreciate the exhaustiveness of the content offered.

In “My Career” modeyou start at the bottom of the ladder to try to climb the ladder via the federation NXTby first creating a wrestler in your image (or not) via the very complete creation tool (which we will come back to a little later).

You must therefore prove yourself to the “ Performance Center » of the WWE, where young recruits get their start by following intensive training, doing fights, and, new this year, becoming a professional on the microphone. WWE 2K17 indeed offers a “Promotion” system thanks to which you must get the crowd in your pocket (or on your back), and clash with your opponents in the ring.

The system is very simple, it offers you the choice between 4 sentences, it’s up to you to select the right one in order to raise the promotion gauge as high as possible before the end. You have a limited time to choose each line, otherwise you’ll make a fool of yourself. When you face an opponent, you have to choose the best lines to make the crowd react, with the aim of obtaining the most full gauge at the end, which determines the winner. Note that the characters are mute, they move their lips and put on a show, but only with the subtitles displayed, which is a little confusing at first.

You will have to spend many hours before you can reach the heights of WWE.

Create the Superstar of your dreams in WWE 2K17

The excellent Creation mode is obviously present this year and therefore offers you even more possibilities in terms of customizing your wrestler. From head to toe, you can try to create a character in your image, or give complete free rein to your imagination in order to obtain crazy people, each one more incredible than the last.

You can edit every element of the face : the shape of the skull point by point, the dimensions, position and depth of the eyes, nose, ears, eyebrows, etc. without forgetting the color palette allowing you to customize your character down to the smallest detail. To save yourself time, don’t look for body hair in the “Face” section, but in “Outfit”… will you understand why?

And of course, Creation mode still allows you to create titles, arenas, and shows.

WWE 2K17: Exit story mode…

A major disappointment this year, the “2K Showcase” mode has disappeared…so, no more “story” mode, nor even an old-fashioned “Road to Wrestlemania” from behind the , especially since with Brock Lesnar, there was plenty to do… but the studio is moving forward with it that with the absence of certain legendary wrestlers, they preferred to concentrate on other modes…

the “2K Showcase” mode has disappeared

Very questionable choice, because this mode had its fans, who appreciated reliving the journey of the greatest Superstars through video archives and legendary matches…

WWE 2K17: WWE Universe

The WWE universe invites you to experience the frantic pace of the federation through the different shows offered each week (NXT, RAW, Smackdown), as well as the monthly Pay-Per-Views. You can let yourself be carried away by the game by following the proposed program, or modify everything to your liking (knowing that you can play yourself or simulate each segment of a show): progress of each show, type of match, participants, promo sequences, etc. you have carte blanche for each branch of WWE shows.

You can also modify the allocation of belts, the order of title contenders, delete rivalries, recompose teams, etc.

WWE 2K17: Fighting Feelings

With once again the largest roster in the saga, WWE 2K17 hits hard with more than 130 Superstars (including a certain number to unlock). The progress of the fights remains identical to the 2016 edition, with the disappearance of loading times between the entries of the wrestlers and the start of a match. The gameplay does not change, with always the “major” and “minor” cons that appeared last year. As a reminder, “minor” counters are quite simple to perform but provide no advantage, unlike “major” counters, which weaken the opponent.

WWE 2K17 hits hard with more than 130 Superstars

These counters are limited in number, materialized in the form of traits in your physical characteristics at the bottom of the screen, and recharge more or less quickly depending on your prowess and the chosen wrestler.

The pinfall and submission systems remain identical to the 2016 edition, via a circular shape requiring a certain dexterity. It is now possible to target an opponent when there are several of them, by pressing R3, which displays the name of your target above your head for a few moments.

New from last year’s “My Career” mode, the match rating system via a set of stars is now present in all fights, even in exhibition. The goal is to “light up” the 5 stars, each half-star filling according to a gauge just below, which itself fills according to the variety of your movements and sequences. We get into the game by trying to obtain the best possible score at the end of the match. Small notable disappointment, the actions of the opponent have no influence on this gauge.

Each fight also allows you to increase your “VC” (in any mode), a points system allowing you to unlock content, such as new wrestlers or accessories to personalize your Superstar.

Among the new features, let’s note the possibility of fighting on the other side of the security barriers, yes, in the public, with the spotlights which are then focused on the protagonists, for a most beautiful effect.

Note also the return of the matches backstage, in the middle of a long backstage corridor filled with objects and obstacles usable in combat, knowing moreover that we can enter the different rooms present along this corridor in order to continue the fight, between the locker rooms, the production area, or even Triple H’s office.

WWE 2K17: Let’s take stock of the Technique

If the transition to the PS4 and Xbox One consoles brought an undeniable breath of fresh air to the visual quality of the titles, the evolution since this transition is not very marked. Indeed, just like last year, the improvements are not obvious between the 2016 and 2017 editionfar from there.

Superstar modeling remains impressiveit is undeniable, but only the most attentive will notice a slight improvement at this level for the entire roster (even for the most well-known Superstars, already showing superb modeling last year), with an inequality less marked between the Superstars (Chris Jericho for example did very poorly last year, is a little better modeled this year, but there is still work to achieve the perfection of a Triple H for example).

We invite you to watch our home videos below, clearly showing the graphic differences between WWE 2K16 and WWE 2K17, taking as an example the entrances of Brock Lesnar and Chris Jericho.

The quality of the animations, like the management of the lights, goes up a notch this year, but once again, it is not obvious.

Let’s focus for a moment on AI, which surprised us somewhat… in the bad sense of the word. Indeed, on several occasions, and in different conditions, our opponent demonstrated disconcerting stupidity… on several occasions, he found himself stuck outside the ring for a few seconds, walking towards him. here without climbing on it, as if an invisible wall was blocking it… or even during a delicate situation for us in the ring, our opponent was doing turns on himself, or around us, taking many seconds before act… for your information, the AI ​​was on the default setting. Hopefully this will be corrected quickly.

In the sound department, the commentators do the usual job, so “RAS”, but at the public level, there are sometimes “blanks”, clear cuts between two very different reactions, which breaks the sound immersion a little.

Most :
  • Crazy roster
  • Successful modeling of wrestlers
  • Optimal gameplay
The lessers :
  • Disappearance of 2K Showcase mode
  • Minor improvements and new features

WWE 2K17 is THE essential wrestling game par excellence, with an incredible roster of more than 130 Superstars, fan service galore (My Career, Creation, WWE Universe,…). However, we regret the disappearance of the “2K Showcase” mode (the game’s “story” mode), the absence of significant improvements, and the few new features. It is time to really evolve the franchise, which is resting a little too much on its laurels, due to lack of competition. If you own WWE 2K16, it may not be essential to jump into WWE 2K17 right away.

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