Disinformation about X: the platform removes the option allowing users to report false information.

The micro-blogging platform has decided to eliminate an essential functionality: the ability to report incorrect information. Which is not to the taste of all users.

A controversial measure in the face of disinformation on X

Following this news, Reset.Tech Australia, a research group, published an open letter expressing their concerns. In particular, it is mentioned that users can no longer report misleading tweets regarding the elections. This development could make it easier for misinformation to spread, especially in the run-up to a major referendum in Australia.

This feature was available in 2021 in the United States, Australia, and South Korea. In particular allowing users to report tweets that they consider to be false. The Twitter team then reviewed these reports, just as they did other forms of abuse or hate speech..

Please note that despite this removal, X retains the ability to report content for hate, abuse, violent speech, child safety, spam, privacy, self-harm, sensitive media, violence and misleading identities.

Overall context and Elon Musk’s reaction

Although the reporting feature was expanded to other countries in 2022, Twitter’s commitment to rolling it out globally has never been met, especially since Elon Musk took over as CEO. The removal of this feature comes at a time when social platforms are increasingly called upon to stem the spread of false information. Particularly on elections.

Musk himself has often criticized Twitter’s content moderation policies. He has made clear his belief in freedom of speech, even if it allows the spread of misinformation. However, despite this major regression, users can still use the platform’s “Community Notes” function to verify information.. Thus constituting X’s last defense against disinformation.

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