Twitter users have called out Elon Musk after his latest threat to sue the Anti-Defamation League for $22 billion.

In a series of tweets sent Monday night, Musk, 52, said he planned to take legal action against the ADL “to clear our platform’s name on the issue of anti-Semitism.”

“It looks like we have no choice but to file a libel suit against the Anti-Defamation League…oh irony!” ”wrote the billionaire and owner of X (formerly Twitter).

Today, Musk has been branded a free speech ‘absolutist’ and is taking his critics to court, with one user of his own social media platform saying: ‘What a weak, very weak man. Its “free speech absolutist” agenda is so fragile that the mere presence of the ADL is too threatening – apparently its financial model is based on unfettered anti-Semitism.

Another joked: ‘I’m a free speech absolutist but if I don’t like your speech I’m going to sue you and if my business partners don’t like it you could be put to death . »

Elon Musk claims he will sue the Anti-Defamation League for defamation because he believes the organization is falsely accusing him and X of being anti-Semites.

“It looks like we have no choice but to file a libel suit against the Anti-Defamation League…oh irony!” the tech giant wrote in a tweet on Monday night

Now Musk has been branded a free speech ‘absolutist’ who pursues his critics, with users on his own social media platform commenting on ‘irony’, as Musk has called it.

“If I wanted to ‘erase anti-Semitism from our platform’ I would simply rid the platform I own of propagandists rather than interact with and promote them,” wrote a third.

Another compared Musk to Trump: “Incredible. He doubles the bet. He takes it out on Trump: he says outrageous things and then launches frivolous lawsuits.

One added: “I like the implication that the erratic management, mass layoffs, inconsistent moderation, destruction of audits, decimated engineering staff, serial bans on racists and crumbling infrastructure had nothing to do with losing half the value of Twitter. No, just Jews.

“It’s not irony, Elon: it’s that you find yet another way of implying that the Jews are behind all your problems, and by extension, everyone else’s problems. I bet the new blue checks take advantage of it. Stop it now,” said another.

In May, it was reported that the app’s value had fallen to a third of what it was when Musk bought it in October, dropping from $45 billion to $15 billion in six months.

Musk’s battle with the ADL began Monday morning when he accused the organization of being responsible for the company’s rapidly falling profits.

“Since the acquisition, the @ADL has tried to kill this platform by falsely accusing it and myself of being anti-Semitic,” he wrote in a first tweet.

“Our ad revenue in the US is still down 60 percent, mostly due to pressure on advertisers from @ADL (advertisers tell us), so they almost killed X /Twitter,” his tweet continues.

In another tweet, he said he believed the ADL was responsible for 50% of Twitter’s fall in value, or “about $22 billion,” according to Musk.

ADL Chairman Ben Sax (left) and ADL CEO Jonathan Greenblatt (right)

“Granting them the maximum benefit of the doubt, I see no scenario where they would be responsible for less than 10% of the value destruction, or approximately $4 billion,” Musk wrote in another tweet.

Earlier today, Musk responded to a tweet from X News Daily claiming that X’s ad revenue in the US was down about 60%.

The account says declining ad revenue is “a significant factor behind X’s continued problems achieving profitability.”

Musk apparently believes the ADL urged advertisers not to use X because of Musk’s relaxation of rules around hate speech and harassment.

Some Jewish users online have claimed to have seen an increase in anti-Semitic tweets that go unpunished by Musk and anyone at X.

In response to accusations of rampant anti-Semitism on the platform, Chief Twit vehemently denied that hate speech is freely circulating on his app.

“To be very clear, I am in favor of freedom of expression, but against any form of anti-Semitism,” he wrote in a tweet.

Even with his ongoing fight, Musk said he has no intention of banning the ADL from X.

Following his deluge of tweets about the organization, a movement aimed at “#BanTheADL” emerged from some of Musk’s most dedicated supporters.

The CEO has engaged in tweets that are part of the movement, but made it clear online that he has no plans to ban them anytime soon.

“Despite the immense harm ADL has caused X/Twitter, they still won’t be banned from this platform unless they break the law,” he shared.

It is unclear whether Musk and his attorneys have filed an initial complaint against the organization.

ADL officials did not immediately respond to inquiries from

It is unclear whether Musk and his lawyers have filed an initial complaint against the ADL.

A study published in 2022 by Montclair State University shows that there was an increase in hate speech the day after Musk took over Twitter in October.

Last month, X filed a lawsuit against a nonprofit group that monitors hate speech, making similar accusations of water poisoning users online.

X’s lawyers claimed that the Center Against Digital Hate (CCDH) orchestrated an “alert campaign to steer advertisers away from the X platform.”

At the time, X officials accused the CCHR of publishing reports that X had taken no action against hate speech on the app.

They also accused the CCDH of having committed “a series of illegal acts aimed at inappropriately accessing” the platform’s data”, as part of the lawsuit.

A study published in 2022 by Montclair State University shows that there was an increase in hate speech the day after Musk took over Twitter in October.

According to university officials, the data showed a “correlation between Musk’s arrival” and “hostile content on Twitter”.

Similarly, GLAAD recently named X — then Twitter — as “the most dangerous platform for LGBTQ people” in its Social Media Safety Index.

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