Yakuza 0 presents its mini-games and plays it ___y


Waited for the March 12 in Japan on PlayStation 3 And PlayStation 4, Yakuza Zero tells us a little more about it by revealing its mini-game Kamurocho Moneyland which will take the form of a management game where we must conquer no less than five zones. But to better understand what we should expect, here is the official presentation of this mode by the Sega teams.

General Information

After getting caught up in an unpleasant affair, Kiryu ends up taking the reins of a local real estate company. In turn, he becomes rivals with a group of men known as the “Kamurocho Five Billionaires” and attempts to dispossess them to take control of Kamurocho (virtual reproduction of Kabukicho) and afford himself a well-stocked bank account.

Basic gameplay

Kamurocho Moneyland is a strategy game mode that takes place in a Kamurocho subdivided into five different areas which are each governed by a billionaire. Kiryu’s job is to buy local businesses like restaurants, adult stores and invest in them so as to increase his influence in the local market. The plot then unfolds about how he increasingly controls Kamurocho, gets into fights with his rivals, and encounters the kind of dramatic developments that are an integral part of the Yakuza series.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the key points that will prove crucial to gaining the upper hand in the Kamurocho real estate market.

The main menu

Here you will get a brief overview of your current progress in conquering each of the five areas of Kamurocho, Entertainment District, Electronics District, Adult District, Gambling District and Arts District.
Other variables such as security and the profits that each area generates are displayed here too.

Asset Management

Buying local businesses is just the first step; you also have to manage and invest in them so that they push you. More importantly, these businesses generate profits that you can pocket at regular intervals.

Human ressources

With big money comes big responsibility, which means you need people you trust to manage your assets. Choose the right people and you will be able to extract a lot more money. There are three types of people you can recruit:

  • Managers. These people oversee an entire area for Kiryu, protecting companies from hostile takeovers.
  • Guards. These tough fellows help maintain peace in each area by reducing the likelihood of inconvenient events arising, which can put an end to capital flight. In addition, their presence in an area makes it safer and reduces the number of people hostile to our conquest.
  • Advisors. Look no further when it comes to the growth and development of Kiryu’s assets. In exchange for a few of them, they will be happy to provide advice and help keep these assets up to par.

Human resources are acquired through sub-missions, as well as by defeating rivals in battles. But even the best cannot do their job effectively without help, human resources management will be one of the key elements of your victory.

Asset Acquisitions

Goods purchases take place during normal gameplay when Kiryu wanders around town. While many businesses can be gained through cold hard cash, some cannot be so easily purchased, requiring Kiryu to forge close bonds with their owners.

Rival Battles

Of course, reaching the top of the Kamurocho real estate market is not without obstacles for Kiryu. In the game, they are represented as the five billionaires. Their tricks helped them amass unimaginable fortunes, but at the expense of ordinary people.

To conclude, we let you discover some illustrations of the billionaires, the other mini-games of this episode as well as a new video paying tribute to the ___y girls selected to be drawn as hostesses.

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