While retaining the style of the Yakuza series, the Yakuza 6 combat system has been completely redesigned.

Now the impact of the blows will be felt better, first of all thanks to the new character animations which will be much more realistic. For example, when Kazuma Kiryu attack an enemy, his movements will really be more natural and this will vary depending on the opponent’s position.

The playing fields will also be more complex. In fact, you can interact with elements present in the environment and the collisions will be better done than in the previous opus.

Kazuma will retain his basic attack, defense, and evasion techniques. Additionally, you will be able to enter a boost state via theUltimate Heat Mode which will allow you to no longer feel the damage received but also to carry enormous objects (that you could not normally lift) to use as weapons.

As a reminder, Yakuza 6 will be released on December 8 in Japann on PlayStation 4.

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