Yamaha launched sales of a 5-disc CD changer for connoisseurs

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Yamaha launched sales of a 5-disc CD changer for connoisseurs

A new product in the CD changer category suddenly appeared on the market – Yamaha presented its new creation, as if it were 2003, not 2023.

The main advantage of the new CD changer from the renowned Japanese manufacturer is the presence of a compartment that opens completely and allows you to install five discs at the same time – it was difficult to imagine this 20 years ago. There is also a special Play X Change function, which allows you to switch to another during playback of one disc.

The new product from Yamaha is clear proof that despite the popularity of streaming services and digital content, some CD players still enjoy some demand in the market among connoisseurs.

Yamaha launched sales of a 5-disc CD changer for connoisseurs - 1

Yamaha’s new CD changer is rich in functionality. It features: Pure Direct, Laser Pickup Floating Mechanism and Intelligent Digital Servo technologies. This is simply a great product for all those who believe that there is a serious difference between standard and gold-plated cables.

An obvious drawback of the Japanese manufacturer’s development is that the CD changer is compatible only with CD, CD-R and CD-RW. Therefore, it will not be possible to play SACD.

At the back of the device there is an RCA, optical output and remote control. In the front there is a USB input for WAV and FLAC up to 24 bit/96 kHz.

The cost of the new item is $549.95.

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