Earth Day is approaching and for April 22, many brands seem to be going green for the occasion, this time with Microsoft’s Xbox. The IT giant recently announced the release of its new Remix Special Edition wireless controller, made in part with recycled materials.

If the latter will not have any new functionality in particular, it nonetheless remains a new project. First of all, its color is a patchwork of shades of green, inspired by “the forest of the Pacific Northwest”. For the ecological bias, the brand has equipped its product with a third of recycled materials including old console controllers, automobile headlight shells and old recovered CDs. These materials were crushed before being mixed with resin – the feel of which remains the same, for an earthy green finish. Thanks to these different processes, each object will be entirely unique. “Each Remix special edition controller has its own style and feel with a texture never before seen on Xbox,” the brand specifies on this subject.

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For this special edition dedicated to Earth Day, Microsoft is also including a rechargeable battery system instead of battery operation. Thanks to its 30 hours of autonomy and its four-hour full charge, you can say goodbye to polluting batteries. Another good point for the planet due to their harmful ecological impact

Available from April 18 worldwide, these controllers will be sold at a unit price of €84.99 (the price of a normal controller being €60). Pre-orders are already open on the Xbox website. Ready to play while saving the planet?

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