“You have killed all passion for this game for me” -…

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“You have killed all passion for this game for me” -…

Tyler1 is one of the most infamous people in the League of Legends community, known for his screaming rants about the game. Well, it seems he has turned around once again, claiming that the game killed all his passion and playfulness as well.

Banning Tyler Riots1

Tyler1 is the most infamous League of Legends content creator, with hundreds of thousands of followers. Over the years, he managed to reach Challenger in various positions and also tried his hand on other LoL servers.

Today he is in the news again, but not for taking a new step in his career, but rather for one of his famous rants about the game that made him so famous: League of Legends.

LoL: Tyler1 criticizes Riot developers for game balance – again

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It’s nothing new to have Tyler”Tyler1 » Steinkamp declaims in streaming. Honestly, that’s probably part of his whole thing at this point, but it’s also what makes him so viral most of the time, because let’s be real, most of the time when he blows up like that, his criticism doesn’t is not really constructive.

On November 28, Tyler1 let out his frustration after a bad loss as Brand following a 4-3 score during his stream. He revealed that he really wasn’t enjoying the game at the moment and thought the developers had ruined it with their balancing choices.

I can’t play this anymore. The developers are killing it and everyone is unhappy playing it. For example, people are unhappy because the balance is so bad that it tilts everyone. (…) This is trash. I can’t sit here and play this.

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It also doesn’t seem like Tyler1 is hoping the preseason PBE changes can save his game. He said in the same speech that he thought Season 14 would be exactly the same, with OP items and balancing issues disrupting the game.

Tyler1: “You have completely killed any passion or ability to play this game for me. »
by u/ToonamiNights in leagueoflegends

In season 14, they change all the elements and things will be better… things will be the same. There’s still going to be broken and they’re going to do the exact same things again. It’s a shame on the developers for what they did to this game.

He concluded by saying that the developers killed all passion for this game, making it unplayable as well.

LoL ban on Tyler1

Tyler1 was banned by Riot Games on April 30, 2016 due to his toxic behavior in League of Legends. It remained banned for approximately 613 days. Riot Games decided to unban it on January 4, 2018.

Although Tyler1 complains about the game a lot, he logs in to play it almost daily, streaming for hours. Basically, the community has come to the conclusion that he is addicted to League of Legends and this is something he has admitted to before as well.

So even if he’s not happy with the current balance or the direction the game is going, he’ll continue to play this game for hours, get burned out playing League, and then complain about it. The cycle is complete. But now it’s time to turn the question around: Is the game balance as bad right now as Tyler admitted or is he just exhausted and ranting?

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