Youtube treats itself to star Goeff Keighley for E3 2015!


Youtube treats itself to star Goeff Keighley for E3 2015!

Remember, a little less than two weeks ago, a rumor reported the possible separation between the Gametrailers site and its essential journalist Geoff Keighley.

Today, we not only know that the rumor was true, but above all we know the star presenter’s next destination. Keighley thus gave in to the sirens of the internet giant Youtube, which offered its services to offer very ambitious media coverage of E3 2015. Exclusive interviews with the biggest developers, broadcast of gameplay sequences, live coverage of all conferences, that’s what Youtube and Geoff Keighley promise us in this mouth-watering trailer.

One thing is certain, Youtube seems to have become aware of the enormous media potential of the largest video game show in the world by considering E3 2015 as an unmissable event. As someone else would say, can’t wait for next Sunday!

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