Zenless Zone Zero: what are the lows?


Zenless Zone Zero: what are the lows?

Zenless Zone Zero is the newest project developed by HoYoverse, and it looks like we’re in for a blast! The characters and gameplay elements that have already been showcased look truly exceptional, making it even harder to be patient until the game’s final release. However, instead of moping around, one can pass the time until at the official start of the game to better understand the world of Zenless Zone Zero!

Zzz Billy Anby

In addition to unique gameplay and some of the most beloved characters the gaming world has to offer, titles like Genshin Impact and Honkai Star Rail have much more to offer than just money-intensive gacha. With each of their games, HoYoverse offers an entirely new universe and story to its player base, without them even recognizing most of its depths.

Perhaps the next release of Zero zone without zen (ZZZ) could it finally be the opportunity for us all to discover the universe of the new HoYoverse project more closely? — Let’s start with something every citizen of New Eridu should know: The hollow.

Zenless Zone Zero: what are the lows?

In order to understand what Hollows are, we first need to learn a little about history of New Eridu and where this danger came from.

The origin of hollows

A long time ago, the world of Zenless Zone Zero was much larger than it seems today. Next to New Eridu, there were once many other cities, each with their own traditions and economy. Unfortunately, peace could not be maintained forever and one tragic day, almost the entire civilization was destroyed. destroyed by an apocalyptic-level disaster.

Nowadays, people call it “The Hollows”.

Hollow Zzz

The only surviving town was New Eridu. But not only did this small town survive this catastrophe, but it managed to improve the situation and began to use what was once destroying the rest of the planet. After much research and many years of trial and error, scientists have discovered how to extract viable resources from Hollows, using them to earn huge amounts of money.

Needless to say, this has caused a lot of tension between the monopolistic corporations, gangs, conspirators and fanatics across New Eridu. But the story behind it all is for another day.

Understanding the dips

It’s a bit difficult to put the true form of Hollows into the worlds. Basically, you can imagine them as a abnormal spherical dimension it appears out of nowhere. (Yes, a bit like a Jujutsu Kaisen domain if that helps you understand it.) These holes will swallow up anything they touch, placing it in a new world with a rather strange space-time environment.

The real evil, however, lies in this newly created word: The Ethereal. These mutated creatures are incredibly dangerous and roam freely across this corrupted land. Whoever touches the Ethereal will most likely die, either from dying or from the mutation that occurs after coming into contact with one of these creatures. People who mutate will lose their sanity completely, making them almost as dangerous as the Ethereals themselves.

In order to travel within these dimensions safely, there are specialized groups who know the Hollows quite well and can guide and protect you during your transit.

If you enter a Hollow without this guidance, the New Eridu government has issued a Survival Guide:

  1. Stay where you are! It is difficult to understand the space inside a Hollow.
  2. Find a safe place in your immediate environment and wait there for help.
  3. If an enemy spots you? — Run for your life and pray!

Personally, I would probably avoid coming into contact with a Hollow, but who am I to judge?

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