Next-gen console rumors: Devkits and Japan.

Hoppa, we are another month on and therefore also a month closer to the next-gen Xbox and PlayStation! Florian dives into the dark corners of the net again, for the latest rumors about the upcoming new hardware.

Xbox Scarlet = higher frame rates?

Microsoft was the only one to announce at last E3 that it is officially working on the next-gen Xbox with Scarlet as the codename. We did not get a lot of information, except that the Microsoft team is working hard on it, but gradually more and more details are revealed. Phil Spencer, head executive of Xbox, has let us know what he would like to see in the new Xbox.

Next-gen console rumors: Devkits and Japan

The biggest bottleneck in the hardware of current consoles, including the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X, is the CPU. With a fat GPU you can absorb a lot, but a thick CPU, for example, could provide more frames per second, something the consoles clearly have difficulty with. Fortunately Phil understands this very well. he says:

“I think frame rate is an area where consoles can do more, just in general. When you look at the balance between CPU and GPU in today’s consoles, it’s a little bit out of whack relative to what’s on the PC side. ”

Next-gen console rumors: Devkits and Japan

Yes please, I would go as far as to require developers to release games at 60 frames per second! Especially on new TVs, the difference between 30 and 60 frames per second is huge and I would personally sign up for a new console that can run all games in native 4K and 60 frames per second! They call it wishful thinking.

PlayStation 5 devkits already with devs?

Rumor alert! New rumors have surfaced about the PlayStation 5 devkit, which would already exist in the wild, at various developers in the office. The PS5 devkit would be equipped with a Navi GPU from AMD, with a Zen processor, also from AMD. In addition, certain ‘VR goodies’ would be built into the devkit, which makes it clear that Sony is continuing with PlayStation VR for the time being.

Next-gen console rumors: Devkits and Japan

The funny thing is that some hardware is rumored to be a bit outdated in the PS5 devkit already! This would even have been replaced once for new hardware, and that will happen again, before the final specs of the devkit and thus the retail consoles are established. Remarkable, but certainly not impossible.

If we are to believe the rumors, Sony has started to provide PS5 devkits very early, already at the end of last year, and that is the reason that certain hardware will be replaced in the past and coming months. Unfortunately, it is not known what kind of hardware this is.

Next-gen console rumors: Devkits and Japan

Xbox One X becomes Xbox standard?

Rumor alert 2! According to the rumors, a number of retailers have already received the first information from Microsoft about the new Xbox and are now obviously ignoring their mouths. It seems that Microsoft wants to put the Xbox One X on the market as standard Xbox One in the shops, next to the new next-gen Xbox Scarlet! With this, the Xbox One and Xbox One S would expire and the Xbox One X would become the standard model.

Not a crazy thought in itself and I wouldn’t be surprised if this information is correct. Even more interesting is that this would be the confirmation that the new Xbox Scarlet is fully compatible with all existing accessories, but will also be fully backwards compatible with all Xbox One games. Microsoft will not put 2 different consoles in the shops that cannot run each other’s games.

From this we can deduce that Xbox Scarlet is actually just a kind of Xbox One, with even cooler hardware than the Xbox One X. Sounds logical, because Microsoft is rocking hard when it comes to backwards compatibility.

Next-gen console rumors: Devkits and Japan

Microsoft continues to try in Japan

It will be no secret that Microsoft and the Xbox brand are not doing well in Japan. Microsoft will continue to try, but it is clear that the Japanese are not fond of the American Xbox and are happy with their ‘own’ PlayStation and Nintendo. Phil Spencer says he will not give up and has asked Japanese devs what they would like to see in Xbox Scarlet!

Spencer said he traveled to Japan several times in recent months to consult with devs about the hardware that the new Xbox should get. Unfortunately he did not name any developers, but he did let it be known that he puts a lot of effort into building a bond with the Japanese and that it will pay off.

It seems like a battle that will never be won, but respect for Microsoft, which will not give up. Nothing has helped in the past, not even JPRG exclusives like Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey! I am already curious whether the Japanese will stand in line for the new Xbox this time.

Next-gen console rumors: Devkits and Japan