The iPhone SE rumor tug of war is most entertaining. There are rumors that suggest that after the launch of the iPhone SE (2020), which we saw a few weeks ago, a new model could arrive, with the design of the iPhone 12, in early 2021. Now, according to an analyst this new iPhone could continue to use 4G connectivity, unlike the models we will see this fall.

An iPhone 12 at a low price

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As Business Insider attests, an analyst at Wedbush Securities states that the following version of the The iPhone SE would inherit the design of the future iPhone 12 but with a major drawback: 5G.

Wedbush Securities initially believed there would be a mix between 4G and 5G in the iPhone 12 models arriving this year, however, following new information from the supply chain, they have revised their forecast to include more. iPhone 12 with 5G this year and a cheaper version in early 2021 which would continue with 4G connectivity.

According to Wedbush, this iPhone could appear around February and would have a starting price of around $ 800. In a separate note, the company comments that, on the other hand, the 5G models of the iPhone 12 are not expected to sell for much more than the current iPhone 11 and 11 Pro.

Since Apple has started changing its presentation model for new iPhonesThe truth is, the rumors have grown exponentially. A few years ago, in the fall, we saw the arrival of a new iPhone available in two sizes. Now we are talking about four different models and three sizes, to which we have to add the SE models and others.

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For now, let’s take the information for what it is, unconfirmed information, but it can certainly give us a clue as to the future intentions of the Apple company.