NFL star and TV host beg Warzone’s gun nerf.

Players want a Warzone weapon nerf

the NFL star Odell Beckham Jr. and the host of The Daily Show, Trevor Noah, begs Activision to finally get it right at the AUG of Warzone. AUG has been a favorite among battle royale players, especially after the Season 2 update.

It’s no secret that many celebrities play the game, with some even participating in various charity events. As fans of the game, the host and WR of the Browns had their own ways of telling Call of Duty developers that some gun tweaking is needed.

YALLLL GOTTTTA NERF THE AUG! Ur doinnnn toooo much 😭😭 @CallofDuty

NFL star and TV host beg Warzone’s gun nerf

— Odell Beckham Jr (@obj) March 9, 2021

The 5 best weapons in the current CoD meta: Warzone (Season 2)

NFL star and TV host beg Warzone’s gun nerf

5) AUG – CoD: Black Ops Cold War

The Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War AUG has received huge buffs this season, bringing the weapon to the Meta. It is worth mentioning that there is a variant of the Modern Warfare game that is a different weapon. The AUG received a buff in bullet speed and rate of fire, making it a good choice in Verdansk.

NFL star and TV host beg Warzone’s gun nerf

4) M16 – CoD: Black Ops Cold War

This powerful burst rifle also received substantial buffs in the last patch. The rifle is ideal in mid-range combat and its damage from headshots has been amplified. So, the weapon has been rewarding the most accurate players a lot.

NFL star and TV host beg Warzone’s gun nerf
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3) FFAR – CoD: Black Ops Cold War

This mighty assault rifle has devastated everything in front of it. With one of the best rate of fire in the category, it will hardly let you down in close or medium distance combat. However, it is good to carry a long range weapon with this rifle, after all, it is almost useless at great distances.

2) LC10 – CoD: Black Ops Cold War

NFL star and TV host beg Warzone’s gun nerf

This submachine gun was added in the current season of the game. As you might expect, the weapon is absurdly unfair, so use it while the devs don’t apply that heavy nerf to it. Although the LC10 doesn’t have the highest raw damage in its category, it has an almost uncanny rate of fire and stability for a submachine gun. Remember the time when the Modern Warfare MP7 reigned supreme? Yeah, we have a similar case here.

1) FARA 83 – CoD: Black Ops Cold War

This Galil-based assault rifle deals severe damage to enemies thanks to excellent raw damage and a spectacular rate of fire. Assemble your weapon in order to reduce its recoil and you will have an extremely powerful destruction machine in Warzone!

NFL star and TV host beg Warzone’s gun nerf

This is the end of our list, choose your weapons taking into account your style of play and the possible situations you can (and will) encounter in Verdansk. Test the weapons a lot and assemble the variations that suit you best. See you in Verdansk!