Chinese manufacturer Ninebot has a new scooter for sale. For around 450 euros to change, it is the cheapest in the brand’s catalog. Ninebot, practically a Xiaomi sub-company, acquired Segway a long time ago and since then has brought different micro-mobility products to the most interesting market, such as electric scooters or this new one. scooter.

There is a very fine line which blurs the category in which this scooter. Although it is shaped like an electric motorcycle, it’s practically an electric bike. In power, it doesn’t stray far from current e-bikes, although it maintains the pedals practically only so that it can be classified as a bicycle and does not require special driver’s licenses.

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The simplest and cheapest Ninebot C of all

But what exactly does the Ninebot C30 offer? The vehicle weighs only 55 kilograms. It has a luggage rack, a footrest and even a hook to hold the bags. At the front, it also has an LED screen to display the conditions of the motorcycle (speed, battery level…). The bicycle, in fact, synchronizes with a mobile application from which to control more procedures and view additional information. There is even an NFC sensor to quickly unlock the bike as a key.

As for the internal engine, we are facing one of the 400 W with 40 Nm of torque. It is not particularly powerful, but it is sufficient for its speed. A speed effectively limited to 25 kilometers per hour to comply with the regulations. Its battery has sufficient capacity to provide range of about 35 kilometers.

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Ninebot C30

With these specifications, the bike is placed in the lowest range of the Ninebot catalog in its C range. In this line we have several other motorcycles presented in recent months like the C40, C60 or C80. These have, for example, autonomy of 45, 65 and 85 kilometers respectively.

New The Ninebot C30 arrives for 3,599 yuan, or about 450 euros in exchange. Now, probably if it reaches Europe or other western countries, this price will be slightly increased to cope with the logistics and taxes of each region.

Ninebot C30

Ninebot has become over the years one of the big names in electric micromobility. Among its favorable factors are both the price of its products and the markets in which it operates, with China being its local market, offering more customers than ever before.

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Source : Engadget