Ninja’s departure from Twitch, after an exclusive deal with Microsoft’s Mixer, left a service on the service, but one would never expect p*********y to be used to fill it.

After Tyler “Ninja” Blevins left Twitch, viewers of his channel are now directed to several other Fortnite channels, but one of them has created a lot of problems. Last night, Blevins shared a video in which he criticizes the way Twitch turned his channel into an “advertising page” and how one of the promoted streams was a pornographic broadcast.

“I broadcast for eight years to build that brand and that channel,” says Blevins. “A pornographic account was the first recommendation on my channel and I cannot do anything about it.”

Disgusted and so sorry.

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Blevins was upset and asked that all of his channel and advertising be removed – something Twitch did, removing all broadcast promotions from his channel. Although advertising for the pornographic broadcast was unintentional on the part of Twitch, the inability to remove a stream for adults and the speed with which it was promoted through the Ninja channel was an incredible failure and Emmet Shear, CEO of Twitch, asked apologies to Blevins.

“Our community comes to Twitch to look for live content. To help ensure they find good live channels, we’ve been testing the promotion of recommended content on Twitch, including streamers pages that are offline,” said Shear.

“This helps all streamers as it promotes new connections between communities. However, the adult content that appeared on Ninja’s offline channel violates our terms of service and we will permanently suspend the account in question.”

“On a personal note, I want to apologize directly to Ninja for what happened. It was not our intention, but it shouldn’t have happened. There is no excuse.”

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Despite the apology, the Twitch community has faced some controversies over the past few days, including that of streamer Alinity Divine, accused of using a live racial slur.

Divine says it was not an insult, but a badly pronounced word, but the streamer had already been criticized for the way she treated her cat in the middle of a transmission (not forgetting when she poured vodka into the cat’s mouth). Users are unhappy with the lack of punishment for the stramer and a petition with more than 46,000 signatures asks for it to be banned.

English is not my first language, I mispronounce and mumble words.

I’m sorry to anyone offended by things they think I said.

I didn’t call my teammate a slur, I stumbled on my words telling him “your next prime is in the channel” ????

– Alinity (@AlinityTwitch) August 11, 2019 Manage cookie settings

In early July, Dr. Disrespect was banned for broadcasting live from a bathroom during E3 2019 – the punishment lasted only two weeks. Blevins was also involved in controversy over a racial slur he used in a broadcast and got away with an apology. These recent cases are raising doubts about Twitch’s behavior in applying sanctions.

However, Twitch has already suspended major streamers for the use of racial offenses, Pink Ward and TFue received a 30-day suspension, but the problem could be inconsistency.

Twitch’s dubious algorithms and its flaws in moderation go far beyond what happened now with the Ninja channel being used to promote p*********y. In the past, channels were exposed where illegal online casinos were broadcast, with advertising rights, without any age restriction and easily visible on the Twitch homepage.

Twitch has already created its own separate for Casinos, but it has no age block and illegal casinos continue to be broadcast.

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