Nintendo 64 Mini designs leaked?.

Pictures of the Nintendo 64 Mini pop up on reddit, Fallout 76 has more narration than all other Fallout games and documentaries for Leisure Suit Larry and GTA V. All this and more in the N8W8 on October 14, 2018!

Nintendo 64 Mini designs leaked

Well, before you read on, take your jar of salt out of the kitchen drawer, because the Guard advises to add a few grains. Go on, I’ll wait (haha, get it?)

Nintendo 64 Mini designs leaked?

The designs were posted on reddit, but originally from Twitter, where user “Nacho & Pistacho” claims to have received the photos from an anonymous source within Nintendo. After the NES and SNES Mini, this is of course a logical step – although the Guard would also like to see a GameBoy Mini, but there is reason to be skeptical. For example, it is claimed that the sliding part where the controllers are connected would be a bit too fragile for a Nintendo product of today. Some people also say they are convinced that it is a 3D render.

The Guard does not know what to believe, but of course hopes Nintendo is working on it. Hebbon!

Nintendo 64 Mini designs leaked?

Fallout 76 has more narration than other Fallout games

Bethesda has announced that more audio has been recorded for Fallout 76 than, say, Fallout 4. This wouldn’t be surprising if it weren’t for the fact that there are no human NPCs in the game at all. Bethesda had already announced during the very first preview of the game that there would be no non-player characters in the wasteland, the only NPCs in Fallout 76 would be robots. The recorded audio is therefore not for these metal helpers, but for audio logs that are spread all over the world.

With a map roughly four times the size of Fallout 4, these holotapes will hopefully add some scent and color to the environment that is missing due to the lack of NPCs. The Guard wonders whether this will really be a full-fledged replacement, but is very curious about the rest of the game.

Nintendo 64 Mini designs leaked?

Making of Leasure Suit Larry – Wet Dreams Don’t Dry mini documentary series now online

“Larry walks into a bar and it’s 2018”. That’s how Creative Director Malte describes his game in a joke. The German studio Crazy Bunch is re-imagining Leisure Suit Larry, the Sierra series that started in 1987 and already has quite a few sequels. In this game you will once again find yourself in the shoes of the tactless Larry Laffer and search for love. There is only one twist: Larry is somehow smashed into the future for almost 40 years – he only has this when the game starts not quite yet.

The new game will be released on Steam on 7 November, but you can already take a look behind the scenes through three mini documentaries. The Guard lists them for you:

Nintendo 64 Mini designs leaked?

Documentary about GTA V in the making

Speaking of documentaries – work has recently started on a documentary for Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto 5. “The Billion Dollar Game” looks at the highs and lows of this open world sandbox that continues to rake in millions years after its release. The documentary will consist of footage from old interviews and new interviews with Rockstar Games employees. Come on!

The green blob in Luigi’s Mansion 3DS is called Gooigi

The green Luigi-shaped blob that the second player gets under the controls in Luigi’s Mansion 3DS is called Gooigi. That you know.

Running of the Gnomes brings in $ 9,000 for breast cancer research

What were all those pink gnomes doing in Gnomeregan yesterday? Sprint to Booty Bay, of course! This annual event started in 2010 with just 150 players to raise money for breast cancer research. A few years later, there are now five or six thousand – and Blizzard has even made it an official event since last year.

Nintendo 64 Mini designs leaked?

Since then, for example, NPCs can be found along the route that one is walking. At the same time, money is being raised through donations and the sale of T-Shirts – a whopping $ 16,600 last year! The counter is currently still at 9,000, so a lot is allowed. They are expected to catch up in 2017, as the revenues from the T-Shirts have not yet been included. By the way, the reason it is done with Gnomes and not another race is simply because of the pink hair and the idea that something “small” when you work together can be quite big.

That was him again for this Night Watch. Later!