Consumers seem to be taking action against Nintendo. A new lawsuit is the problem facing the Japanese company, this time presented in Québec, Canada.

As GamesIndustry reports, the origin of the new legal dispute is no surprise: the drift of the Joy-Con. A user has gone to the Lambert Avocat law firm, which represents her alleging problems with the controls since 2018.

According to this affected user, she would have bought a Nintendo Switch in November 2017, but it was not until 11 months later when began to notice problems with the left jostyck. The problem was also present in the right, in the second pair of Joy-Con that you purchased and even with the Switch Pro Controller.

Lambert Avocat is asking nearby Québec consumers who have suffered similar circumstances to join the lawsuit. According to the law firm, the drift of the Joy-Con “constitutes an important, serious and hidden defect”, which violates the Consumer Protection Law, which establishes that the goods purchased must be “durable in normal use for a reasonable period of time.”

“Nintendo did not mention (…) the quality of its products, which is a key element that will probably affect the consumer’s decision to purchase the product,” the firm says. The purpose of the lawsuit is receive compensation for all clients in the Canadian location who have bought a Nintendo Switch, a Switch Lite or any Joy-Con or Switch Pro controller from the Japanese company.

The case still is pending authorization by the judge of the Superior Court of Justice. It is not the first time that the Big N faces lawsuits over this issue. The drift of the Joy-Con is a drag that has been dragging since the launch of the console.

In November, a Seattle court received a class action lawsuit over a similar situation. Last month, Doug bowser, head of Nintendo of America, valued the possibility of creating a solution to the problem.

Nintendo again faces class action lawsuit over Joy-Con problems