Update July 3, 2020: Nintendo Germany has sent us a statement. According to this, there is currently a switch that could result in some retailers not selling download codes for Nintendo’s own Switch games in the coming months.

“As before, customers across Europe can purchase download codes for certain Nintendo Switch-owned titles from Nintendo. This also applies to Nintendo eShop Cards, Nintendo Switch Online Memberships, and additional content such as the Pokémon Sword Expansion Pass and Pokémon Shield, ”is it[called[appelé

“We are changing the way we make these digital products available to retailers, so some retailers may not be able to sell download codes for Nintendo Nintendo Switch titles in the coming months. Our new suppliers will join us as our retail partners are working to make this new process as smooth as possible. We’re always looking for ways to make Nintendo eShop content accessible to as many game fans as possible. ”

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Original message of July 1, 2020: Nintendo no longer sells download codes for its own Switch games to European retailers.

This applies from today and you can only get the company’s own switching titles digitally in the eShop.

Retailers had been able to sell download codes for a while, and sometimes the prices were significantly lower than in the eShop.

The British dealer ShopTo first communicated the news, then Nintendo confirmed the decision. The company does not go into details, but the decision was taken after “careful analysis of the developing market in Europe in recent years”.

Retailers can also offer games from third-party manufacturers for download, as well as eShop credits, switch online memberships, or DLC, such as the Pokémon Sword and Shield Expansion Pass.

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“We are constantly looking for new opportunities and will continue to work on new ways to make Nintendo eShop content accessible to as many players as possible,” he said.

Source : Twitter Feeds