Watch out for Aliexpress Plaza because it leaves the latest Nintendo console, the Switch Lite, at one of the lowest prices we’ve seen from Spain: 172 euros with the TOP15 coupon. Almost 50 euros of difference compared to other businesses.

Buy Nintendo Switch Lite at the best price

Although its RRP without games is 219 euros, it is relatively common to find it around 200 euros. Although almost every week there are coupons in Aliexpress Plaza to buy it for something less, it is rare that it goes down so much: 172 euros using the TOP15 coupon. For what it costs in other stores, here you can also buy a game. With free and fast shipping from Spain, two years warranty and invoice.

To use the coupon we will have to register, enter our account, put it in the basket choosing the color we prefer and on the payment screen we will enter TOP15 to subtract 15 euros from the marked price.

Nintendo Switch Lite for 172 euros in Aliexpress Plaza from Spain

The Nintendo Switch Lite is the most compact and lightest version of the Switch, which gives it advantages such as that we can carry it easier from one place to another, but it also has differences related to its greater mobility. Thus, its Joy-Con are not separable and it does not have the TV mode. In any case, we have the attractive Nintendo catalog, with the ‘Animal Crossing: New Horizons’, the Zelda or Mario.

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Nintendo Switch Lite for 172 euros in Aliexpress Plaza from Spain