Let’s not talk about the bush: it’s a shame that few games are more expensive on Nintendo Switch than on other platforms. Why this is at least for some developers, Martin has already opened a calculation in another article using the example of Deponia. However, the diverse and generous sales of recent times should not be overlooked and, most importantly, there is a pretty good selection of free titles on the Switch or at least those that can be downloaded for free.

We want to feature our favorite initially free, often (but not always) but of course funded by microtransactions in this article. Take a look at either, if you haven’t already play as much as it captivates you and who knows, maybe you’ll let a euro or two jump here or there for a costume or an emote as a tip. Or maybe not. That’s the good thing about this business model: If the developers are successful, you don’t feel like you have to do anything. We reserve the right to update this article with new notable additions, which you will always find at the top.

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The end of the free food chain – or let’s make no mistake… probably the entire top third of a game – right from the start. Not because Fortnite is our favorite free game, but because you knew it was coming. And yes: the thing is better than its reputation, which is not enviable among the main players. Of course, that sounds bad: a free-rider in a genre whose sheer ubiquity was annoying in itself, as well as plenty of unintentional loans from the pioneer PUBG. A darling pop culture thief with the participation of Tencent, who you must hate because everyone is playing it or thinks you have to talk about its suitability or not (and you, Lebowski-Thor !?). No, you really don’t want to hear anything more about Fortnite.

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And yet… gaming is just plain good, if only as Epic has declared it to be an art form, at keeping a service game alive and unfolding through events and other happenings. Season 10 itself has come to an end, which has nothing to do with it: when the whole game has come out of nowhere with its own good things, even those who aren’t involved are curious how it turns out. would pass now. Hats off. The game itself is still subtly overwhelming my multitasking skills. But I have a lot of respect for it and every time I attempt a round again, it is skillfully reminiscent of the known strengths of a Battle Royale, which also doesn’t succeed on its own.

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Tetris 99

It is not completely free. In fact, you have to subscribe to Nintendo Switch Online – around $ 20 a year – to play Tetris 99. But then you get the best or second best variant of this perennial “best game of all time”, depending on your preference. . The Tetris effect is a bit ahead of you if you like your puzzlers to lead musically and emotionally. 99 is the maximum cold-calculated version of the principle. Much like asking a sadistic math teacher to design a killer game, here you learn – not entirely on your own – a lot of tips for playing badly with 98 other participants until just one is “alive.” . Correct. It’s Tetris Battle Royale and perhaps one of the most intense and stressful ways to experience the concept of the last man standing. Make sure you try it out. Burns and finally blockages happen on their own.

And immediately


Warframe is an absolute classic among loot shooters, and despite the free-to-play model, which is often seen as a penalty, is still the pinnacle of what’s doable in this segment. You can’t get rid of the feeling that Destiny would have a completely different stance today if it looked a bit more like Warframe. Above all, how the outlandish action title from Digital Extremes has grown and changed over time to deliver awesome space battles with the Empyrean update is an impressive and enviable achievement that easily justifies why this PC game is still around. one of the great players. On the Switch, Warframe shines with a fabulous technical implementation that saves a lot of the highly polished triple-A look on portable hybrids. The pretty look is combined with a wonderfully fluid combat system that not only looks spectacular, but also feels practical and powerful. In addition, the microtransactions remain extremely fair. You have everything to gain.

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Pokémon Quest

Basically, it’s definitely not the only one, but maybe the perfect idle game if you like Pokemon. Go is also something that can be done from time to time and in part Quest goes all the way in terms of being casually in a charming and visually inviting way. Be one of the first four Pokémon to explore a series of islands, defeat other pocket monsters, then cook up recipes with ingredients to add powerful beasts to your trio, which has a lot to offer. Even though, strictly speaking, quotes should be used around the first two verbs of the last sentence, because you are not leading your Pokemon yourself and you are not directly controlling battles. Standard attacks do your creatures on their own, but then you cast specials.

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Like I said, this is an idle game that involves you rather selectively, in which the ‘let’s see what happens’ factor and the winning, friendly look, which can be described as’ Pokemon through the Minecraft goal ”, fertilize you perfectly even without your input. Plus, the payout model, which relies mostly on accelerators, is fair and can be largely ignored – until they get those Pokémon in the bag. But sooner or later it will happen to the best of us too.


Much more than a Monster Hunter clone – you have to allow it. Of course, everything is clearly stripped down and designed for minimal downtime. Planning less, playing more, the game seems to scream and it has seen unprecedented success when several million players have literally bumped into the servers. Unlike Monster Hunter World, you are sold less on the idea of ​​a living and functioning ecosystem, this game prefers to take you on a journey of confrontation with its imaginative creatures, called here Behemoths. Instanced levels aimed at singular objectives, which are designed as floating islands, provide the central playing environment. They rush through them as much as possible instead of wallowing in their atmosphere before the game, in its central enemy encounters, commemorates the boss fights of all our favorite games with a Cel Shading monument.

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It’s a quick, carefree cut with plenty of depth not too deeply hidden beneath the surface, as many weapons offer wonderfully imaginative, dynamic, and motivating movements to learn. You can read more about the good first impression of the game in my article on the launch of Dauntless. People like to let a euro or two skip here.


This is the best idea you could have in 2014 if you wanted to take a piece of the MOBA cake (an idea that in itself is inconceivable today): Get close to the camera to get the mix of RPG action and strategy to make him seem a little more involved and groovy. What can you say: it worked. Smite is a lot of fun unlike the top down competition he is not full of information rich and therefore is probably still a house number that is not going anywhere with his steadily increasing player count. On the Switch, you even paddle crossplay against and with users on Xbox One and PC – in fact, your progress account is actually linked, which means you can continue your progress on a fixed device with the Switch. Definitely worth a visit if you want to embark on a deceptively steep learning curve.

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I already know that one of the biggest selling points of Smash Bros. is the incredibly appealing character alignment, and anyone who feels committed to Link, Mario, and Samus won’t be able to avoid it. However, if you discovered Smash primarily because of the fun mix of thrash and platformer games, you might want to check out Brawlhalla before you buy. And that apparently wasn’t a few, as a steam leak in the summer of 2018 resulted in an almost astronomical number of players for the PC version. At the time, that was over eight and a half million users and since then the game has probably grown. And because, thanks to Crossplay, you can play with your friends across all borders of the platform – just pass a five-digit lobby number to your friends and you can easily find yourself – you can’t expect to run out of players in the near future.

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And even the character’s situation is slowly improving. Many character skins can be exchanged for well-known characters using microtransactions. Shovel Knight avatars are offered, with Lara Croft, the main characters of Adventure Time, much of Rayman’s workforce, and many iconic WWE wrestlers from Undertaker to John Cena. What about the game itself? It’s great fun, feels extremely easy to grab hold of, and is great for a ride in between. With Tetris 99, this is actually our best recommendation in this selection. Because as good as Warframe and Dauntless, the Switch wouldn’t be our first, but only a good second choice for them.

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Delta rune

Deltarune is not a traditional free-to-play game, but the first chapter in a new role-playing game from Toby Fox, the developer of indie hit Undertale. It’s hard to describe how damn good Undertale is, this insanely funny game – and by that I mean silly disarming on the bare barrel – which has been asked as one of the early RPGs why you should always kill all your opponents and if it couldn’t be better if it could be done differently. That alone is a reason to charge Deltarune and you can tell right away that Fox never forgot anything. You can’t actually walk through this screen of this RPG, which is heavily based on the cult Nintendo hit Earthbound, without smiling at least once. Most of them are even real laughs – they get stuck in your throat here and there.

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The combat system adheres to Undertale’s maxim to stage its own actions and those of the adversary like a bubble. You actively dodge projectiles with your heart symbol like a spaceship from a vertical shooter. It sounds abstract, but it’s pleasantly engaging and less binary than normal role-playing games. At the same time, you are no longer alone, but in a party that determines the actions of several friends. Works well – a good mix of action and tactics without escalating into action RPG. Deltarune naturally ends up on a cliffhanger that made us impatient for the second episode – unfortunately we still have to wait for that. As could be the case this year, Deltarune is all the more compulsory!

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