Update, April 29, 2020: Once again, we’re revising our dynamic list of the 50 Best Switching Games and adding the hottest new titles that have recently been added to Nintendo’s hybrid console. Finally, “The Switcher 3” has climbed many places thanks to cross-saving with the PC version and Children of Morta has rightly found its way into those noble chambers. The highest newcomer this time around is Animal Crossing New Horizons, which has climbed so far, especially when it comes to Corona news. Another game also benefits from locking. We will see if these stocks can stay put as the situation improves.

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The other two new additions are Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Rescue Team DX and Moving Out. And since a roster of 50 games will be full at some point, there are of course versions to report. Lovers in a dangerous space-time, Captain Toad Treasure Tracker and Yoshi’s Crafted World quit the list. It was nice with you, you are always good games! As for you: stick to it, the next update will follow for sure. And even so, there is always movement on the roster when games go up (or down) in our affection, whether through new updates or when it goes from affection to true love to the famous second. look. .

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Original February post:

Here we show you what we think are the 50 best games on Nintendo Switch. With as many games of all genres as possible, we have no illusions that either of you will agree with us on the exact order of these games. It’s supposed to be a useful selection of titles covering all types of games and not too rigid, that anyone with a switch should take a look at. And yes, that also means that I am giving a little bonus for placing in this list of exclusive titles. If a great title has been around for a long time or is available on a particularly large number of platforms, it can go down a bit as well. And surely after the umpteenth, very good indie platform, I drew a line at one point to make room for a game of a less present genre. This list is an ongoing project that we are updating and adding new titles, as soon as something new belongs to us in the top 50 of this platform.

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Questions? No, browse the updated list of our absolute highlights on the Switch.

The 50 Best Switch Games – Table of Contents

This page: seats 50 – 41

Top 50 Switch Games: 40th – 31st place

Top 50 Switch Games: seats 30 – 21

Top 50 Switch Games: 20th – 11th place

Top 50 Switch Games: 10th – 1st place

50th Pokémon Mystery Dungeon DX Rescue Team

It’s all in the name. So Mystery Dungeon, not Pokémon. And of course that too. In any case, this Pokémon branch goes through randomly generated and constantly evolving dungeons. So you never know exactly what to expect. You have to take risks and you can lose everything you collect during a race – items and money. But also earn a lot. Other than that, you do the same as in other games in the series – collect all pocket monsters if possible, only here without Poké Balls, because – Twist – you’re playing a Pokémon, not a trainer. Mystery Dungeon Rescue Team DX is a successful update to a not-so-well-noticed 3DS game and finally reveals its full potential on the Switch.

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49. Xenoblade Chronicles 2

The first Xenoblade already played with the idea: entire civilizations that live on the bodies of deceased Titan beings. For the successor, they went further, moving several factions to smaller but still gigantic beasts, which are still alive this time around. Monolith Soft uses this hanger for spectacular role-playing, with a deep and action-packed combat system. The predecessor on the Wii and without a “2” in front of it, I think overall and mostly in terms of character design for the best game. However, you rarely get more RPG for your money than here. And it means something like that.

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48. Exit

Moving Out is an extremely entertaining co-op game for up to four players that should appeal to anyone who has ever enjoyed cooking too much. Here, too, it is necessary to quickly solve your tasks through cooperation. In Moving Out, you don’t have to be a very tight regiment, as a moving company is of course not a strictly organized fast food kitchen, but the atmosphere is very much like the wild kitchen marathon, including ever wilder properties which you must eliminate. Of course, a lot of things get broken here, too – the game assures you that it doesn’t matter, the client finally signed a waiver – while throwing boxes at each other, balancing a gigantic couch through a door in glass and doing it for the sake of moving generally not so precise goods just to keep the deadline tight. There is a bit of room for tactics in any case and it’s very motivating to play an assignment until you end up with the highest grade. Plus, the stylized graphics look really good somewhere between the overcooked crossing and the animal crossing. This game fits perfectly on the switch.

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47th night in the woods

In this modern fable, a twenty-year-old cat named Mae returns home after leaving college. The residents of Possum Springs, however, have felt extremely humble since the collapse of the economy, so this virtual adult adventure isn’t always a happy story. Psychological problems and the decline of America’s lower social classes are obvious themes of this adventure. Reasonably written characters, an engaging design, and plenty of situations with identifying potential – along with a compelling story about a kidnapping series – make Night in the Woods something truly special.

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46. ​​Dragon Quest Builders 2

The first Dragon Quest Builders was already an achievement in the sense that a developer of such an old-fashioned series of games like this rarely goes back 30 years or more to find the worst and therefore much less known end of the first part. , in order to base it to build an elaborate spin-off. But that’s exactly what the Builders did, the first – and it was an extremely cool mix of quest-based RPGs and dice-based construction games from Minecraft. The second part still knows that was a good idea and now makes everything look better, bigger, more engaging – and kicks playable multiplayer into the pot. A eater of time before the Lord, but who never takes his appetite for a second.

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45. Monsterboy and the Cursed Kingdom

I really don’t know what we deserved, but after a few years the French relaunched Wonderboy and Dragon’s Trap, other French people are now picking up the concept of a tribute and perfecting the side-scrolling Sega adventure to some extent. Not only is this flashy, colorful and bouncy animated adventure wonderfully alive – especially on a good OLED, the colors come out of your eyes – it simply glides and challenges all places with skill and the brain is pleasantly matched. Wonderboy creator Ryuichi Nishizawa has supported the developers of Game Atelier as well as legends of songwriters like Yuzo Koshiro and Michiru Yamane. The result is a long-awaited successor to a series that didn’t deserve to be forgotten.

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44. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

I don’t know what you want: it’s Skyrim. You’ve never heard of it? So go ahead and check out this more than correct implementation of an aging but no less legendary RPG! Even though Skyrim hasn’t used all of the RPG mechanics today and more freedom of choice and a more original story would have been nice, it sells the lands and people under these virtual northern lights more convincingly than some games. modern. From its icy peaks to dark plains – those who have never known this particularly gruff Stücko Cyrodiil must catch up.

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43. Steamworld Quest

Steamworld is perhaps the most underrated gaming universe right now. Not only is each individual series entry clear, the series also effortlessly changes genre on a regular basis, a platforming combination just as fearless as the rules of tactics or now the corset of a card-based role-playing game. However, the animated robots that warm the hearts that inhabit this world are always the focal point. Quest first appeared on Nintendo Switch, and it may take some time before other platforms are served. So start here, because this kind of painterly role-playing game is best done in a portable hybrid format anyway.

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42. Axiom Verge

If Nintendo takes its time with a new Metroid, take refuge with Axiom Verge in a strange and futuristic world! The game, developed and designed by one man, is perhaps the best Metroidvania available today if you take the term very precisely. Somewhere between 8 and 16 bits, Trace’s Seeker makes his way through a world he doesn’t understand and sometimes uses extremely interesting tools, like a weapon that destroys opponents’ program code, which is then only displayed. incorrectly in the game. The soundtrack is great, the world structure is well structured (and has some amazingly well hidden secret rooms). And in general, you always have the feeling that this universe prefers to keep its biggest secrets to itself. Surprisingly fascinating.

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41. Owlboy

Owlboy of D-Pad Studio Norwegians has been in the business for almost ten years. It didn’t hurt the game, on the contrary. You can tell how many great ideas and attention to detail are in each hand pixelated screen. As the first Metroidvania with a character who effortlessly climbs through the air and explores the world from height and depth, the Owl brought a lot of fresh breeze to the genre for the first time in 2016. There are also characters from cute (and nasty) support and a shattered world of exciting design that you love to fight through. Another case of an independent match that could have entered the ring with the big guys of the SNES era.

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