According to a new report from Bloomberg, Nintendo is preparing to launch a cheaper Switch model “by the end of June” that has yet to be announced.

The Bloomberg article, citing sources close to Nintendo’s plans, speaks of a “modest upgrade” to the existing model of the console, which is also due out this year.

The article reinforces the information we have in Eurogamer and that of the Wall Street Journal last March, which already talked about these two versions of Switch.

As for the improvement of the current Switch model, recently there seems to be some confusion as it is believed that it will be a much more powerful version of the existing hardware. The March information discards this idea.

The Wall St Journal article stated that the improvement would not be similar to that of PS4 Pro and Xbox One X, while Eurogamer sources specified that it would be something comparable to the improvement of New 3DS over 3DS.

According to the information handled by Eurogamer, the cheapest Switch model would have a more robust design for an audience that only uses portable mode. It also seems that it will cut costs by excluding the dock in this model, although at the moment we do not know if that implies that it will not be able to be attached to any dock.

“We do not comment on rumors and speculation,” said a Nintendo representative when our UK colleagues contacted the company.