Apparently Nintendo wants us to continue exercising and skipping virtually with Jump Rope Challenge, despite the fact that at first it was said that it would be in September when it would stop being available this curious title for Nintendo Switch.

The big N has changed his mind for the great acceptance that this game has had, especially after the 2.5 billion jumps that have been made between all the players in the world. Therefore, he has decided not to remove it from the eShop and you can continue downloading it for free whenever you want.

However, at any time you may change your mind, because in the same message you have specified that will not be removed from the digital store “until further notice”, which implies that sooner or later it will end up eliminating it, although those who already have it will be able to continue playing and download it again whenever they want.

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In the meantime, players can continue to get hold of the Jump Rope Challenge and pretend to jump rope while holding a Joy-Con in each hand. Every day the game will reflect our results and save scores In order to keep track of the exercise we do daily, as is also the case with Ring Fit Adventure.

Source : Gadgetsnow