While we were still angry last weekend about the fact that Metal Gear Survive contains microtransactions, today that suffering is alleviated by the news that at least the game has no loot boxes. And there is more good news to report about Metal Gear Survive.

It’s January 23rd. Today in 1983 The A-Team was broadcast for the first time, while the first X-ray was taken on this day in 1896. Few wilds, but luckily the Guard changes that.

Metal Gear Survive does not contain loot boxes and no pay-to-win

Reactions to the news that Metal Gear Survive contained microtransactions were harsh, but an Official PlayStation Magazine interview with Konami’s Yuji Korekado revealed that these microtransactions are not pay-to-win. In addition, there are no loot boxes, but there are, for example, accessories in Metal Gear Online Forward Operating Base in MGSV: The Phantom Base. That’s a small windfall, right?

Monster Hunter World already provided with Day One Patch

The new patch for Monster Hunter World is called 1.01 and will cost you 815 megabytes of space. The patch allows online gameplay and DLC options. Chat is then possible, as well as event quests and a gallery so you can view event scenes whenever you want. Poogie the Pig is the mascot of the game and it will also be available through the patch. You can hug him and take him to other places to develop a deeper friendship with him. AAWWW! Monster Hunter World will be released on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on January 26. The PC version will follow in the fall.

Steamworld Dig is coming to Nintendo Switch

Image & Form games announced yesterday that the addictive Steamworld Dig; A Fistful of Dirt is coming to Switch. For ten euros you can put this game on your console from February 1. Now this game has already appeared on a crazy number of platforms (3DS, PC, Mac, Linux, PS4, PS Vita, Xbox and Wii U), but if you haven’t played it yet, you have another chance on Switch .

Danger Mouse is also coming to Switch

The super British animated series Danger Mouse will feature a racing game. The 1981 cartoon had a reboot in 2015 and apparently it was successful enough to turn it into a game. This is a running game for Switch from 9th Impact Studios, in which you don’t have to try to win from the mouse in a Mario Kart-like way in a colorful world full of acquaintances, while everyone tries to take out power-ups with you. On the contrary, it is a kind of endless runner meets hurdles. Crumbs!

Jumanji is the more successful than the 2017 superhero movies

Have you seen him, the new Jumanji? De Wacht can appreciate it, not only because of The Rock’s presence, but also the fact that it has a video game-like structure. Very entertaining! More people think that, because the film has raised no less than 900 million dollars worldwide. It is Sony’s biggest movie success next to the Spider-Man movies. Nice.

Past Cure will be released on February 23

In a mysterious trailer, more clarity has been given about when Past Cure will appear. The PlayStation game is about ex-elite soldier Ian who lives in a safe house and suffers from experiments conducted on him while still in the military. On February 23, the game will be released, which is full of hallucinations and special powers. De Wacht is curious how trippy that experience will be.

New trailer of Ready Player One

Ernest Cline’s book, Ready Player One, is now almost out and that means we are treated to another trailer. This flick, directed by Steven Spielberg, will hit theaters on March 29 and revolve around a nerdy dude who hacks the OASIS, an online game played by an extremely large segment of the world’s population. He finds out that he may be able to find a safe with a legacy and then does everything he can to become a multi-millionaire. However, his online escapades also affect his offline life. The trailer is quite a jubilation parade for Spielberg, but the man is also a movie genius …

Bizznewz: Sonic Team hero Yuji Naka heads to Square Enix

Yuji Naka, who you know from Sonic the Hedgehog, left Team Sonic in 2006 to start his own game studio. That was Prope, which specialized in Nintendo games. Naka is now ready for a new role and he has found it at Square Enix, where he says he hopes to develop an entertaining game. We assume that yes!

343 Industries has eyes on Battlefront 2

Meanwhile, on Resetera, there was a forum discussion spreading the rumor that after EA’s Battlefront 2 fiasco, Microsoft is investigating how loot boxes are being implemented in Halo 6. Stinkles from 343 Industries has responded by saying that there is no research at all, that Microsoft is not designing anything for the next game and that 343 Industries has of course been watching with great interest how the Battlefront 2 fared. It is indicated that there are still zero announcements about upcoming projects and that 343 is working on that with the wishes of players in mind.

New trailer for Assassin’s Creed Origins: The Hidden Ones

The story of Assassin’s Creed Origins continues in the first story expansion called The Hidden Ones. Check the trailer here:

Heavy Rain has sold 5.3 million times

It sounds a bit like we are reporting the ratings of Ron’s Honeymoon Quiz from 1990 as if it were news, but although Heavy Rain is an old game, it is still often bought. In June 2017, that was 4.5 million units, but now it has already risen to 5.3 million according to Quantic Dream. Now the game was released on PlayStation 3 in 2010 and later on PlayStation 4, but apparently despite its experimental nature it is still timeless.

The Red Strings Club is out now

January is a somewhat quiet month in terms of releases, but luckily there is Devolver Digital with the striking game The Red Strings Club. In this game, the goal is to give other characters as much booze as possible to make them as emotionally unstable as possible. It’s a point and click, but instead of puzzling, it’s a matter of manipulation. Interesting! The Red Strings Club is out now on Steam.

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