No Man’s Sky is nowhere near a flawless game, but it’s technically impressive. To what extent, a professional analyst will tell you in his blog.

No Man’s Sky was one of the most anticipated games of the last few years, promising endless adventures, but it turned out to be an empty tech demo. Despite this, the program itself is a technical marvel, as explained by the 3DGameDevBlog analyst.

The report dives into the details of the program code very quickly, and it’s clear from the description that there’s a lot more under the hood than what we saw from the game.

“There is a very smart and elegant process working in the background, which the team’s artists can easily expand. Moreover, every new piece that is added to the engine exponentially increases the number of possible combinations,” writes Greg Waste, the author of the blog.

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In his post, he also marvels a line about how skillfully the code solves that the individual model pieces do not come together into a featureless bone/skin mass.

By the way, our man knows what he’s talking about. He has previously created applications for exporting models for FIFA, NBA2K and Shadow of Mordor, and he is currently working on the model viewer for the No Man’s Sky Mods site.

“As far as I know there are two or three people working on the models. The amazing thing about all this procedurally generated code is that if you doubled the number of artists, the game would increase in content hundreds of times. That alone shows the amazing capabilities of the NMS engine.”

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Our man similarly praised the animations, although he admitted that he didn’t care about them as much as the rest of the game. He also doesn’t deny that while No Man’s Sky is a technical marvel, it has problems from a gameplay perspective. According to him, these shortcomings can all be traced back to Sony.

“The game we received is nowhere near a finished product, and the program currently does not utilize 80 percent of the capabilities under the hood. This is crystal clear from examining the files. It is closer to an actual tech demo than a real game. To deliver the same experience on PC- re and PS4 just kills this game, and the fact that the guys probably have to make it run on low-end machines hurts it even more.”

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“I personally expect content updates, lots of updates. I can forgive most of HG’s flaws, from appearance issues, to pricing, to lack of communication and missing features (I personally don’t give a damn about multi), but what I can’t forget is is that in such a severe pre-release situation like the increased pressure and urgency, at least the game engine is not completely finished.The modders are just trying to provide a more colorful, richer content background with this engine, and otherwise they mostly succeed , simply because the engine is indeed capable of much more than what it shows now.”

We are all aware that the price of a major PlayStation 4 title is always around 60 euros. It doesn’t take a deep technical analysis to figure out why the game cost as much as it did, and considering that the developers were still putting the finishing touches on the PC version on the day of its release, it’s not hard to guess that they didn’t want to release the game in that state , as it appeared.

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It’s clear that there is something to be gained from No Man’s Sky, and with constant content updates, this program could really become an exciting adventure. We can only hope that the developers will not abandon their half-finished child and make the most of it.

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