No Man’s Sky will get multiplayer at the end of July.

While the whole world is barely under the spell of Black Ops 4, luckily there was also other game news last night! So now we know when No Man’s Sky gets multiplayer, that Total War: Warhammer II will get new DLC and that a new Halo has been announced ?! Read on quick!

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No Man’s Sky Next will be released on July 24, bringing multiplayer

As you probably don’t even know Microsoft has had their own kind of Nintendo Direct stream event for a few months now, but then about Xbox stuff. And usually with people in it. They call it InsideXbox. Pretty cool. Last night it aired again and suddenly there was Sean Murray, in perhaps his first public appearance since the game’s dramatically poorly received launch in August 2016. And the still enthusiastic Sean Murray has news:

No Man’s Sky will get multiplayer at the end of July

Multiplayer is coming to @NoMansSky – and No Man’s Sky is coming to Xbox on July 24, complete with all previous updates.

– Xbox (@Xbox) May 17, 2018

No Man’s Sky will get multiplayer at the end of July

No Man’s Sky Next, the newest and probably most extensive version of the colorful space game, will be released on July 24th! This is also the moment that the game also comes to Xbox One for the first time, in addition to PlayStation 4 and PC. And, as the leaked cover suggested, No Man’s Sky is finally getting multiplayer! Read Sean Murray’s official post and don’t learn much more, except that they’ve been testing multiplayer for the past 6 months and you get to do all sorts of fun space stuff together.

Are you actually still waiting for No Man’s Sky? Is Multiplayer Really What It Needs? To keep the Guard still captivated, No Man’s Sky Next has to do a little more than that. The game has improved a lot since the first version, but it still remained a rough gravel feast on monotonous planets. Atmospheric though! Good music too. Fun.

No Man’s Sky will get multiplayer at the end of July

Update: the full interview:

Halo gets an arcade game

Even more spectacular news from InsideXbox! In recent years you notice more and more that publishers are making their big revelations long before E3 instead of during. Similarly Microsoft and the new Halo! Who would have thought … Oh wait … the newest Halo game is a co-op arcade machine ?! Eh, well. Fun?

No Man’s Sky will get multiplayer at the end of July

The game is called Halo: Fireteam Raven and is first coming to Dave and Buster’s arcade halls in America this summer. Well come on. For the sake of convenience, the Guard assumes that the real Halo fan hopes for something more than this, for example at the upcoming E3.

Soulcalibur 6 – Yoshimitsu gameplay trailer leaked!

Ready for a minute of hard-hitting action with the best samurai in (fighting) games ever, new and improved? The Guard doesn’t know exactly why, it must have been a timing thing, but this official Yoshimitsu trailer was briefly online tonight, before being taken offline again. Fortunately, this is the internet and he was back online elsewhere in no time. Maybe he’ll be offline again by the time you read this, but you’re out of luck. The Guard keeps busy, say.

Soulcalibur 6 should be released sometime this year for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

No Man’s Sky will get multiplayer at the end of July

New Total War: Warhammer II DLC announced: The Queen and the Crone

The Guard almost wanted to say that Total War will soon be a bit more total again, but that sounds very lame. The bottom line is that Total War: Warhammer II gets a new piece of DLC, and what a! The pack called The Queen and the Crone introduces two new factions: Avelorn and Har Ganeth. As experts will know under the guidance of Alarielle on the one hand and Har Ganeth on the other. Both factions, complete with new units, mechanics and regiments, are playable in the Vortex and Mortal Empires campaigns.

The Queen and the Crone is available from May 31st!

Skull and Bones postponed to 2019-2020

Those looking for a slightly more realistic pirate action than Sea of ​​Thieves will have to be patient. Ubisoft’s multiplayer naval battle game Skull and Bones has been postponed until the fiscal year of 2019-2020, which begins April 1, 2019. Ubisoft announced today in its annual results presentation.

No Man’s Sky will get multiplayer at the end of July

The explanation for the postponement is as standard as it is understandable: with current sales of both recent and older games going completely fine at the moment, Ubisoft has decided to give itself a little more time to make the game even better.

Skull and Bones is in development for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, so it will be released in April 2019 at the earliest, but probably later.

The Witcher 3 hotfix for PS4 Pro

You know that a developer cares about their customers when a game is still maintained with patches 3 years after release. There aren’t many games that have received PS4 Pro support so long after release, and recently owners of a modern TV were also delighted with HDR! However, the latter also meant that the draw distance of vegetation and the like had been significantly reduced, making the pop-in suddenly very noticeable. Fortunately, with a new patch that has now also been resolved.

The new hotfix for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is now available on PS4 and PS4 Pro! This update increases draw distance for foliage, while using 4K on PS4 Pro and applies to both, Vanilla and GOTY versions of the game.

No Man’s Sky will get multiplayer at the end of July

– The Witcher (@witchergame) May 16, 2018

Is The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt ever played among you? The Guard can tell you that in 4K it’s really worth it, even if you only do it to chase NPCs …

Microsoft announces Xbox Adaptive Controller

Microsoft has made a big step in making games more accessible for disabled people! It was already leaked earlier this week, but now it is official: a special Xbox controller aimed at accessibility, intended for people who cannot or barely play on a standard controller due to a physical disability. The controller has been announced with a video that has caught the Guard right in his feels!

No Man’s Sky will get multiplayer at the end of July

The Xbox Adaptive Controller, as the handy monster is officially called, is not only a controller with very large buttons, but much more a hub to which all kinds of custom controllers can be connected. It has a total of 19 ports on it and is fully programmable, so that with things like foot pedals, elbow buttons, eyelid handles and the Guard a lot more can be played on an Xbox One and probably also on Windows.

The Xbox Adaptive Controller costs $ 99.99 and should be released in the Microsoft Store this year. Whether it will also be available in the Netherlands / Europe is not known to the Guard.

Wreck-It Ralph is in Kingdom Hearts 3

Hopla, another special Disney character straight from another universe, confirmed for Kingdom Hearts 3. Almost. Twitterer and game rumor hero Nibel has thrown some off-screen pictures of the game online, clearly showing the great arcade game hero!

Off-screen Kingdom Hearts 3 screenshots are popping up

– Nibel (@Nibellion) May 17, 2018

Kingdom Hearts 3 has been in development for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One for a ridiculously long time. Fancy? Fancy. Again the favorite phrase of the Guard this time around: we will probably get to see more at E3!

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VR engine inspection

No Man’s Sky will get multiplayer at the end of July

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