Thinking back to the best retro games of 1980, we saw how long it took for video games to go from ‘kid stuff’ to adopting deeper, more adult mechanics, with a drastic change in the end. from the 1980s. And it also caused more violence.

Due to the limitations of each epoch, the pixels we saw on the screen took a long time to touch us. It all sounded like a (lovely) cartoon, however violent the idea of ​​the game in question was. Until the graphics improve and the blood begins to flow, long before Mortal combat come to our lives surrounded by a lot of media controversy.

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Looking at things in perspective, it seems incredible that a video game like 1986 has started. Cooler, because its main mechanic focused on torture (even kill) to a series of people who have been imprisoned in different sets of films with the most perverse and macabre design. And all in a very explicit style.

He was controlled by shooter with a pistol, like Operation Wolf, to activate each of the medieval torture traps, so it was a game with an eminently wit arcade and short-lived. He enjoyed a late conversion to NES where it suffered censorship of various types, such as “turning” humans into monsters in order not to be conscientious or to eliminate visible nudes.

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Barbarian: the ultimate warrior

Beyond the controversy caused by its risky cover, with a Maria Whittaker in a bikini to capture the attention of male audiences, Barbarian: The Ultimate Warrior didn’t cut your hair when it came to showing off the beheadings. In fact, it was the best way to win a duel between barbarians by seeing the head stick out from several meters while the body sticking out. blood spurting.

It was 1987, when its sequel the following year would ditch the streamlined fighting style for an adventure of scroll side full of monsters. It was not the same and the same explicit feelings were not reproduced.

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From 1988 we also have this Namco Splatterhouse, where there were also many monsters from our worst nightmares, but with a level of sang much more visceral than what we saw at the time …

It was like Jason Voorhees, from Friday 13, stroll through the bewitching world of Nightmare on Elm Street by Freddy Krueger, showing dismemberments all over the stage and abundant blood. A brutal ode to gender slasher that he would reach his most absolute viscerality with the namesake Splatterhouse of 2010.

Moonstone: A Hard Days Knight

The lesser known, unfortunately, is a hidden gem for the Amiga 500 which is named Moonstone: A Hard Days Knight. As if Barbaric pass through the filter of a Beat them full of monsters and whose corpses remained on the ground covered in blood. Logically, it was not cut at all.

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Beheadings, mutilations … Anyone who tried it in 1991 was branded for life. Not surprisingly, it was one of the most gores until then, mainly because of the pile of fallen enemies that might pile up.

So why do we remember Mortal Kombat?

Mortal Kombat will revolutionize the market in 1992, one year after the Mindscape title mentioned above. This was not far from the level of gore seen in other games of yesteryear, except for one differentiating fact: the digitize your characters for a more realistic look. This is what most marked his time.

Based on the design of real people and adapted animation, to the advances the industry was experiencing in the early 90s, adds to the extreme violence Victims, managed to make him one of the main culprits (unfortunately, Night trap, also from 1992) that the United States create an emergency Senate meeting to regulate the age rating of video games based on their level of violence, gender, and other needs. This is how the ESRB system was born, which would become our PEGI.

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Fortunately, this hasn’t stopped video games with explicit violence, such as Carmageddon, GTA and many more, from continuing to appear in the market. After all, everything we play is fictional and should never overstep the bounds of reality.

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