That both Sony and Microsoft have been bad with the standard size for the storage of their consoles is a no-brainer, since 1 TB for a few years is lame taking into account what some games weigh, with several that comfortably exceed 100 GB of installation. However, PS5 is going to have an added launch issue that Xbox Series X won’t have.

And, as Sony itself has reported to The Verge, we will not be able to connect an internal SSD drive to expand the PS5 storage. At least at its launch. Because we will have to wait for a future update.

The Japanese company shields itself from how technically advanced its SSD is, since according to the words of designer Mark Cerny, “not all M.2 SSDs are fast enough to support the PS5”, to which it expands by saying no all are so thin to fit in your slot or compatible with Sony’s I / O controller. Also, those SSDs must have a minimum 5.5 GB / s bandwidth, a PCIe 4.0 connection and a heatsink not too big to fit.

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The question is knowing how long we will have to wait for the update until that possibility is enabled and companies meet the PS5 requirements.

Obviously, there will be no problems with external SSD, but at least in the family Xbox Series, Microsoft presented its official range, with a kind of ultra-small memory cards of 1 TB capacity … for 249.99 euros. And yes, we can turn to other brands that are much cheaper and with greater storage.

And you, do you already have your PS5 reserved? Or have you opted for Xbox Series X | S?

Source : Gadgetsnow