GTA V is free in the Epic Games Store, as you probably already know. The collective euphoria at this news was so great that Epic servers were idle for hours on the day the promotion started (and memes were plentiful). It allowed a considerable increase in the number of online players, but also a side effect: there are now more cheaters than ever before.

Anyone who has played GTA Online knows full well that this is modder territory. Of course, these are not modders in the usual sense (fans who create new content for PC games that anyone can enjoy), but rather gamers who use mods so beneficial that make them gods of the line. As this Reddit user (and a few others) put it, playing the Rockstar title has become a nightmare.

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I am totally shocked at the amount of PC cheats and hacks. I have been playing for about 10 hours and have met countless modders already. Guys who don’t show up on the map, who show up in my car and blow it up, offer to modify the car and all that. What is happening here?

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In the messages, several responses indicate a possible clarification of the question. Apparently this happens every time the game goes on sale because cheaters know if they are banned they can buy again GTA V with a different account and don’t waste too much money. Now, directly, they lose nothing. They can get it again for free.

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Of course, this means that as soon as the offer ends in a few days the thing will calm down. However, it is a disastrous experience for new users who have come with all the illusions in the world to release their new free game. How far does the subject go? Well, you can get stuck next to a lot of random objects as you can see above.

And if you thought you could get rid of taking refuge in story mode then you’re good to go, because they’ve found a way to cause all kinds of crazy things there as well. Yes, in the campaign of other players, as shown in this image also from Reddit.

How is it possible? Turns out there has been an achievement in the game for years that allows it. In theory, Rockstar fixed it, but everything seems to indicate that modders have found a way to continue enjoying itand until the Epic offering is over, it doesn’t look like they’ll stop.

Others were already used to encountering cheaters from time to time, but they believed that with the ban there would be fewer and fewer of them. Then they found the game to be free for a week and his worst fears have been multiplied by a thousand. Sometimes what you find is funny, but most of the time it’s just a guy with special powers who kills you with a blast while you’re on the run.

Anyway, I hope what they say is true and it will be over soon. Maybe we’ll continue to see them starting next week, but they won’t be that frequent. Remember you have until Thursday, May 21 to get GTA V completely free. Even if you don’t want to find cheaters online, the best thing you can do is buy it now and wait a bit for everything to happen.

Now it’s A serious problem in Rockstar games. Remember that Red Dead Online is also full of players like that.