For each of the Mafia: Trilogy games, it’s hard to decide exactly what to expect, but the first part is definitely going through some thought-provoking changes.

A few days ago, the official Mafia Twitter account was revived, and even then it was suspected that some kind of announcement was coming here. We didn’t have to wait long for this, as the Mafia ran into yesterday afternoon: Trilogy is a short, but even more spectacular teaser, and then we get a few percussive images from the refurbished version. According to the Microsoft Store datasheet, Mafia 2: Definitive Edition It will be released on Tuesdays next week, so soon everyone will be able to experience the experience of the remixed Mafia, but in the meantime, it’s a good idea to consider whether it’s a classic remaster or a remake that suggests much more serious background work, because the difference is obviously significant. , it doesn’t matter at all which fans of the series get.

Let’s clarify the basic concepts

Let’s quickly clarify first what the difference is between a remaster and a remake, as the two concepts mean very differently, and it’s worth reading Stöki’s summary article carefully in this regard. In the case of a remaster, in general, developers continue to use the original source code, only to turbocharge the game according to the needs of the given circle – this usually means higher resolution textures, better image refresh rate, clearer sound. It is extremely important that in the case of a remaster we get a game experience almost exactly the same as the original title, although of course there may be minor improvements.

In contrast, in the case of the remake, the developers rebuild the game completely from the ground up, which means new source code. This fact alone suggests a lot of changes, but in general, it can be said about remakes that thoroughly reshape the original games and the experience they provide. The story can change or expand, the perspective can change, complete chapters can come out or just come in, so the title can conquer completely new audiences.

This also carries the risk of remakes, as they can easily become too far away from the source,

as we say in Resident Evil 3: Remake, and we didn’t like HP. At other times, however, the creators step in perfectly, and even with the novelties, we manage to create something lasting and at the same time treat the raw material with respect – we don’t even have to go beyond the Resident Evil 2 Remake to look for an example.

Pour pure whiskey into the glass

In our first articles, even Paca simply called the Mafia: Trilogy a remaster, for the infinitely prosaic reason the publisher didn’t articulate it clearly. In general, the remixed versions are usually called HD, Deluxe, or Definitive, because in these cases it is simply not possible to get involved, no one can say that the game in question is too little remake, much more remaster. , yet the first name was snapped onto his box. Also for Mafia: Trilogy, Mafia: Definitive Edition and Mafia 2: Definitive Edition lit was the official title of the new release of the first two episodes, so the publisher chose a security game. However, if we take a closer look at the information released so far, the teaser trailer, and the images that have been removed, the question seems to be quite clearly outlined – at least for the first part.

As mentioned, a Accidentally, the Mafia: Definitive Edition, the new release of the first part, has already appeared in the Microsoft Store (and then quickly disappeared in its order). According to the info listed there, this section will be released on August 28th. Chances are it will be released now on May 19th (the same day Mafia 2: Definitive Edition is also released).

And based on the screenshots on the product data sheet, it is safe to assume that this is a full-fledged remake.

Clearly, the developers have used completely new assets, and a new graphics engine is also rumbling during the game. The datasheet contains quite a description that the entire Mafia was rebuilt from the ground up absolutely. According to the promises, on the one hand, this will be exactly the Mafia we keep in our memories, but at the same time, it will be somewhat more than that. The original music will be left untouched, but the story and gameplay will also expand in some form – the exact details of this are not yet known, but it’s not hard to imagine adding new quests to the story.

But if the thing is so clear, why have the title been smeared, what could be the reason they have remained a bit nonsensical. “Definitive Edition “and not simply the title of the new version of Mafia Remake? Well I think this can be quite simply explained by the fact that it is a collection release, Mafia: Trilogy will be added in time with the third part, which in turn is” just “He’s getting a plain remaster treatment. It’s obviously not a fact, just an assumption, but it wouldn’t make much sense to rebuild a game released in 2016 from the ground up. Most of the second episode is probably the question mark, since based on this we would no longer dare to say for sure that a remake seems much more like a very cheeky remaster.

How can you add more, new to Mafia: Definitive Edition?

It may be worth dissecting a little more about how the revamped release of the first part, Mafia: Definitive Edition, may change from the original game (obviously beyond the meaningful graphical level up, which the new engine and new assets guarantee). In 2001 Grand Theft Auto III was the first serious forerunner of modern, open-world games, with the creation of Rockstar Games laying the foundations from which the genre will continue to feed 20 years later. The first Mafia also started on pretty much this trail, but its gameplay was much more cohesive and linear than that of GTA III.

So it could be a great innovation for the Definitive Edition to really open all the doors of Lost Heaven and get an open-world action game that meets the needs of 2020, complete with all the benefits of the genre.

Being a real remake, you no longer have to use the more linear coercive solutions of the 2002 game, specifically separating the story from the Free Ride mode, which provides free roaming. The city could be packed with extra content, new side missions, various hobbies, the combat system and leadership could (and should) evolve and it is easy to imagine that the publisher chose this strange sequence (the second part arrives for the first time, then the first, and only then can we count on the third) because they need a lot more time to make Mafia: Definitive Edition.

Hopefully these issues will be clarified soon and we don’t have to guess any further.