Despite the fact that finally the name of the architecture has been Turing and not Ampere, it seems that we were not so far off the mark and that in 2020 we will be able to see the new NVIDIA graphics cards manufactured with the new Ampere architecture. It is estimated that this will be the first of the brand to be manufactured in 7 nm.

NVIDIA Ampere, replacement for Turing, will arrive in 2020 and will be 7 nm

Ampere will be the name of the new NVIDIA graphics card architecture for 2020

Unlike newer NVIDIA RTX graphics cards made on the 12nm process. Although we have not yet been able to have user tests of the performance, we have been able to see the incredible improvement that Turing represents over Pascal. However, the move from Turing to Ampere may simply be a refresh that improves certain system specifications.

According to the data provided by TSMC, chips made in the 7nm process have a performance improvement of 35% and reduce power consumption by 65% ​​compared to 16nm chips.

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They will be manufactured in the 7 nm process that TSMC already has ready, being able to use the 7 nm +

The move to 7 nm represents an improvement in the chips, although this does not imply that we are going to have another change like the one experienced with Turing. According to NVIDIA tests, we are seeing improvements of up to double when it comes to running games from an RTX 2080 to a GTX 1080. That is without counting the performance using the new NVIDIA optimization technology, DLSS, which brings the performance improvement 100% on some titles.

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If TSMC completes its 7nm+ process on time, it may be this process that will be used for the production of the new Ampere GPUs for 2020. The 7nm+ process allows the number of transistors to be increased by 20% and power consumption to be reduced. is reduced by 10% compared to the previous version.

Finally, users are not wrong when it comes to getting the name right, we simply talk about two different architectures as if it were one and no, we are facing the next generation to Turing. Of course, after the event that occurred in the cryptocurrency market and the drop in NVIDIA sales, we are clear that there will be no architecture dedicated to this market and they are fully back with gamers.

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