Graphics card manufacturer, NVIDIA, has just released its new Game Ready NVIDIA GeForce 419.35 WHQL drivers. In them, the manufacturer expands the support it already gave to the Apex Legends and Tom Clancy’s The Division II games, as well as support for the new Devil May Cry 5 game, which will go on sale in the coming days. In turn, the manufacturer has taken advantage of these drivers to correct bugs that are present in their current drivers.

NVIDIA has taken advantage of the upcoming release of the new game Devil May Cry 5 (launches on March 8, 2019), from Capcom, to start giving it official support in its NVIDIA GeForce 419.35 WHQL drivers. This new driver from the manufacturer not only includes the support for the aforementioned game, but also adds to the already existing support for the Apex Legends and Tom Clancy’s The Division II games.

Changes present in the new NVIDIA GeForce 419.35 WHQL drivers

The changes that have been made in the new NVIDIA drivers are:

  • Support for the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Ti graphics card.
  • Updated support for The Witcher 3 game when running on multiple graphics cards with Maxwell or Pascal cores, in SLI configuration, and with a monitor with G-SYNC technology.
  • Updated NVIDIA Control Panel to version 8.1.950.0.
  • Updated Video Codec to SDK version 9.0.

New SLI profiles for games:

  • Anthem
  • Apex Legends
  • Asset Corsa Competition
  • Battleflet Gothic: Armada 2
  • far cry new dawn
  • Life is Strange Season 2
  • NBA 2K19
  • Space Hulk Tactics

Fixed issues in NVIDIA GeForce 419.5 WHQL drivers

  • When a monitor with G-SYNC technology and a monitor with compatible G-SYNC technology are connected in mirror mode, the image may flicker on the G-SYNC monitor.
  • The DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_HUNG error that was appearing in the Apex Legends game no longer occurs.
  • There is no more pixelation and image corruption in the Hitman 2 game.
  • Fog rendering using PhysX technology in the game Batman: Arkham Origins is no longer rendered incorrectly.
  • Smoke dispersal, using PhysX technology, in the game Assassin’s Creed 4 Black Flag no longer appears to be done in an accelerated manner.
  • Microsoft Photos no longer quits unexpectedly.
  • NVDisplay.Container.exe no longer creates an abnormally high consumption of processor resources.

Issues that have not yet been resolved in the NVIDIA GeForce drivers

  • In the game Tom Clancy’s The Division II, the screen may become idle or dark when turning HDR options on or off in a multi-graphics setup in SLI.
  • The color and brightness of the system desktop has the colors blown when using the Alt + Tab combination, if the Far Cry New Dawn game is running and the HDR options are disabled on the desktop, but enabled in the game.
  • Various errors and crash may occur when ARK Survival game is running.
  • Using Ansel technology in the game Shadow of the Tomb Raider can cause game slowdowns or even crashes.
  • When running the game Star Citizen with a Turing graphics card, the game may experience screen flickering and even crashes.
  • The cursor may appear corrupted when you hover over certain links in the Firefox browser.

You can download the new NVIDIA drivers from this link:

Drivers NVIDIA GeForce 419.35 WHQL

As always, we recommend you uninstall the old NVIDIA drivers, using a program like DDU, before installing the latest version on your system.