Esports have a long way to go, although their beginnings go back a long way. I remember signing up to the still-young Electronic Sports League (ESL) site 20 years ago, but never really thought about it. Back then it was not as professional as the industry today. Much has happened in 20 years and eSports continue to develop as a mass phenomenon. On the one hand, you have the pros trying to perform their best to win lucrative titles and cash prizes. And on the other hand, as in football, the moderators, commentators and experts who accompany the action.

What are the requirements for a good office, for example? “The most important factors in office accommodation are research, spontaneity and humor,” says Phylicia “Flitzi” Whitney, who hosted the last ESL Championship in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive in late May. . was in use. “It’s important as a host to deal with issues and be well prepared for moderation, to get the full picture.”

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“You have to react spontaneously and quickly if the structures of the program change in the short term, especially now with the challenges of studio production during the corona pandemic: often, for example, the interviews that are activated are not due to problems. techniques and the like, ”she adds. “But humor is also very important. Regardless, there should be a good conversation between all the stats and analytics for the viewer. “

Phylicia ‘Flitzi’ Whitney (Photo: Christoph Rücker)

Research comes before moderation. On the one hand on the respective subjects, on the other hand on the people involved, such as the players and the teams. “Briefings sometimes come very late, so intensive preparation sometimes takes place at night,” explains Whitney. “On Moderation Day, plans are often canceled, so you should always be prepared for spontaneous actions and changes.”

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Fear of the stage is still a part of it, even though she found a way to meet her own aspirations and the expectations of the audience: “A colleague who trains media gave me a whole new perspective on this subject. He’s also scared of the stage, but calls him ever since, that’s exactly what it was for me, it turned me into more motivation and positive energies. ”

According to her, what is important for moderation is, of course, an understanding of the respective game and an idea of ​​how the game and the people behind it are staged, how the protagonists are placed at the center of the action. . “It’s not about me, I just throw the thread away and make sure everyone is there,” she said. “When I do my job, I am 100% on the subject, close to the people, meaning the players, the community, the team and the crew. I identify with him right now and take him seriously, backwards from the audience. ”

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What about his active game? “I play against professional players, but not competitively,” says Whitney. “I could quit my career immediately, I’m too bad for that. I focus on my passion, my hobby and my job: moderation. It’s good to be able to combine moderation with my other passion, gaming. ”At the same time, she’s definitely learning a thing or two at work:“ I’m constantly looking at stuff and I also like receiving advice. I learn a lot from professional and expert players so I have more fun and have access to my own game, which I play. ”

During moderation, exciting and equally strange things happen. Or, as Whitney says, “Everything is exciting, a lot of things are weird,” she says. “A lot of times the audience doesn’t notice that something is strange, that’s my job right now. You think, “What’s going on here? Nothing is as expected! It’s especially exciting when the first moderation is on stage or live on TV: all eyes are on you, everyone is calm, not everyone likes you, so be sure to turn the bar afterwards. 30 seconds or less is always great, but it’s also very exciting. ”

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Due to caring communities, this is not all that gaming and other sports fan groups have in common. “For me, CS: GO is real the Master the discipline, with a very attentive community, ”she said. You cannot hide anything or be blind. If you cheer up, you can do it all. Outside of League of Legends, I personally find it very, very complex. ”

Whitney at work. (Photo and lead: ESL / Stephanie Lieske)

She has great respect for classic casters who comment on games live, “see everything and can judge immediately,” says Whitney. “I don’t have that expertise, but that’s why the combination of analyst, caster, and moderator is also great. I give structure and entertainment, the others shine with their expertise and analysis. “

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And what does the future of esports look like? Especially in Corona’s time there were, for example, virtual events in games such as FIFA 20 or F1 2019 with real football professionals and racing drivers, which put e-sport a bit more. Honor: “Right now you’re really seeing a real boost in esports broadcasts, the number of viewers has tripled in some cases,” she reports. “Electronic sport simply has the great privilege and advantage that unlike many traditional and classic sports, tournaments can be held online. In this regard, eSports also filled a certain void during the Corona period. ”

At the same time, she shares the view that electronic sports are far from fully developing: “In general, however, it can be said that football, for example, is still more than 100 years ahead of its competitors. electronic sports, ”Whitney said. “Despite all the good things, I have no doubts that esports can continue to maintain its popularity even after the Corona period, that it will keep new fans and therefore be a little further into the mainstream. “

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And you? Are you treating him? Have you ever watched a tournament or a game? Otherwise, it’s worth considering: “Definitely you should take a look – it’s a great mix of fun and exciting tactics,” she says. “Newcomers get to know the game and then it’s fun, like everything else. Sometimes the content is better than the classic sports shown on traditional TV. The emphasis is really on having fun together! “

And if you want to know what’s going on in tournaments and matches, the ESL website is a good place to go.

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