Ogame tactics, guide to colonize.

Colonize in Ogame, how to do it and get the best results:

Before colonizing we need:

At least one colonizer, having more than one is almost necessary and we will see why. Large cargo ships, with a couple we will have enough. A good number of resources. Finding a good location for our new colony.

Ogame tactics, guide to colonize

Now that we know what we need, let’s see the explanation of each of the necessary points.

To create a colony you only need a colonizer and that’s it, but there will be times when we have to destroy that colony because it has turned out too small, something that happens quite often, although we can avoid, a little, that this happens to us. To know how many fields the new colony will have, we just have to look at this guide:

Ogame tactics, guide to colonize

Position 1 – 3: 80% of having between 40 and 70 fields Position 4 – 6: 80% of having between 120 and 310 fields Position 7 – 9: 80% of having between 105 and 195 fields Position 10 – 12: 80% of have between 75 and 125 fields Position 13 – 15: 80% of have between 60 and 190 fields

Looking at the previous data we see that the best positions are 4, 5, 6 because they give us a greater number of fields to be able to build, something very necessary but that does not always work, sometimes they will come out small and that is why we need more than one colonizer .

Ogame tactics, guide to colonize

But if we cannot build more than one colonizer and we get a small colony, less than 100 fields I consider it small, we can use it only for resources and raise the level of the mines and the plant, we give it a couple of cargo ships to transport and when we have resources we build another colony.

A colony of less than 60 fields use only resources and destroy it, since you cannot get much from it.

Ogame tactics, guide to colonize

One of the doubts that arise when wanting to colonize is where to do it, the practical thing is to do it near the main planet, but it is a mistake, which luckily for us many people do it.

It is advisable to do it far away, in order to expand our empire and in this way make it more difficult to detect all our planets. Although transporting resources is slower, it is safer and it will also be useful for possible attacks that we may carry out in the future.

More or less the colonies should be well separated, two colonies or three per galaxy is ideal.

Ogame tactics, guide to colonize

Once we have the colony built, we send him resources with the cargo ships, to be able to quickly build mines and buildings such as the hangar and the research laboratory.

To finish a tip, when you have a colony of more than 200 fields make it your main planet, why? Because the colonies do not appear in the player search engine, that is, if you look for a player it will give you the location of their first planet, the main one but not the colonies, this is good and at the same time it is bad, since the colonies, unlike of the main planet, if they can be destroyed. But with a good defense and a good strategy you can survive quite well.

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Ogame tactics, guide to colonize