old admins get last name ‘dede’ back in new portal.

The last name ‘dede’ has accompanied some of the most popular download websites in Spain for years. Initially it was Pordede, but since it closed, several have picked up its witness. First it was Plusdede and until September 2020, it was Megadede. However, it was suddenly announced that the streaming movie and series link portal was closing indefinitely. Until now when the old administrators of the Megadede website have decided to reopen the portal under the new domain Playdede.com.

The initial opening of the new website is scheduled for February 1. From SamaGame we have been able to talk with those responsible to know the changes that it brings with respect to Megadede and what plans administrators have to take advantage of one of the most popular surnames among the websites of this style.

From Megadede to Playdede

The differences between the Megadede domain owners and the portal administrators are the basis for understanding the opening of the new Playdede portal.

old admins get last name ‘dede’ back in new portal

In September 2020, the Pordede and Plusdede heir website announced that it was coming to an end. To understand movement we must know the two parties involved; on the one hand the owners of the domain of Megadede.com and on the other hand the administrators of the Megadede web portal. The latter are the ones who now open Playdede.

Regarding the reasons for the closure of Megadede, the administrators point out that it was a combination of “loss of traffic and a decision without more,” although they also explained that previously the owners of the domain informed them that “they were being persecuted by the Justice in South America.” The new website maintains the idea of ​​a link portal to watch series and movies by streaming, but now the administrators are also in charge of the domain.

old admins get last name ‘dede’ back in new portal

Those responsible for the new portal They accuse the owners of the Megadede domain of not having to worry about their own portal.

The owners of Playdede and former administrators of Megadede explain that they tried to mediate for the sale of the domain: “they even tried to mediate between various offers for it. They even offered 10 or even 20 thousand euros, a figure that they asked for the old domain of Megadede.com, but they completely ignored it. “

old admins get last name ‘dede’ back in new portal

“The administration team was also offered to advertise there (in the domain of Megadede) our possible new website, but the last conversation with the owners after the umpteenth outrage and what they did with the users basically caused the loss of contact, “they explain. At the time of writing, the Megadede website offers a goodbye message, pointing to other similar domains, but not the new Playdede. “Neither minidede nor any website was officially the continuation carried by them. Users were simply given outlets to continue watching series,” they explain.

The two old Megadede administrators are involved in Playdede, but managed by different developers and a third administrator. “We are all partners at the same level, although development and startup has been managed by the new administrator“explains one of those responsible.

old admins get last name ‘dede’ back in new portal

The two former Megadede administrators are involved in Playdede, but the owners of the domain and the Megadede database are no longer in charge.

“We wanted to give one more option to the people who were left off the hook with the closure of Megadede and we did so,” explains the new administrator, who had not belonged to the group that Megadede did manage.

Megadede’s social media profiles and the groups associated with the portal now refer to Playdede. And it is that these were opened by the web administrators and not the domain owners. “The Twitter, Telegram and Discord networks have been merged“, they explain from Playdede.

old admins get last name ‘dede’ back in new portal

One of the most difficult points of the transfer from Megadede to Playdede is in the accounts and the lists of episodes and movies. Playdede forces you to create a new account, but allows you to retrieve Megadede content through CSV lists.

For two months, Megadede administrators were advising users to download the CSV file of their lists to facilitate the move. Those users who did not, have to start from scratch. However, those who have the CSV file will be able to do the transfer. This is due to administrators could contact Megadede users, but could not access the database.

For two months they asked Megadede users to download their series list in a CSV file in order to facilitate migration.

old admins get last name ‘dede’ back in new portal

“Initially, something basic will be done, although visually more attractive than the previous website. But as here there are no communication problemsAs with the previous ones, and the team is more united and concerned about the user, changes will be happening to have both better functions for users and for moderators and administrators, something that we did not have before and from above it was never intended to do “, they point.

Both the Playdede hosting company, as well as the physical servers as such, are hosted in Ukraine, as explained by one of the administrators.

“We want it to be socially similar to Megadede. Allow some community with series and movies, with the usual comments and discussions in chapters,” they say. We will have to wait to know what happens with this new website and if it finally ends with the same fate as the previous portals with the last name ‘dede’.

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old admins get last name ‘dede’ back in new portal