Old School RuneScape: RuneCrafting Guide

Craft your runes the easy way!

OSRS | RuneCrafting Guide

RuneCrafting is one of the most profitable and worthwhile ventures you could take up in Old School RuneScape. Aside from the fact that the runes you craft will prove invaluable during your adventures in Gieinor, you can also make a pretty penny by flipping them in the Grand Exchange. Sure, OSRS gold sell more, but that doesn’t mean Runecrafting isn’t worthy of your consideration—because it is!

Here’s a look at a few things you can employ to speed up the Runecrafting process and make it as profitable as possible.

Runecrafting Defined

Runecrafting, also known as Runecraft, is the delicate skill in OSRS that allows players to craft their own runes for subsequent magic spells.

Gearing Up

Like most ventures in Old School RuneScape, you’ll need to be properly geared up if you are to take a successful stab at RuneCrafting. Now the most important thing with gear is this: Make sure to go light. Lightweight gear is the most conducive to Ruecrafting as it can help you last much longer as you run about Gielinor. As such, we highly recommend that you go with the Graceful Outfit. You’ll be able to craft both Blood and Soul stones with ease without compromising your ability to run faster. Also, you’d be doing yourself a favor by

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Starting Out

Before you can craft your own runes, you’ll first need to undertake the Rune Mysteries Quest. Don’t worry, it’s not a huge undertaking and will only take up about 2 minutes to complete! Although it should be noted that there’s a follow-up quest, the Abyss Mini Quest, that you should complete if you are to be efficient at Runecrafting.

OSRS | RuneCrafting Guide

In the quest, you’ll gain pouches that are essential to the fine art of Runecrafting. You can gather them by dealing with Abyssal Creatures. The good news: You can get them at practically any level! Though the quest grants you the small pouch, you’ll have to turn to monster slaying if you want to get your hands on the medium, large, and giant-sized pouches. To fill each pouch, you’ll need to be at levels 25, 50, and 75 Runecrafting accordingly.

Leveling Up

The aforementioned Abyss Mini Quest will give you 1K Runecrafting XP and that’s enough to bolster you from 1 to 9 in a jiffy. After this, you should jump right into the Eyes of Quest. As there’s literally no requirement for this task, you’ll feel as if the 6K Runecrafting XP is a gift! Right after that, say hello to Lava Runes! Do them all the way to level 99 Runecrafting. A word of warning, though! You’re not likely to make a profit. Still, it is the fastest way to level up. Should you want a profitable venture like OSRS gold selling, then you’d be better off with another method.

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Here’s even more good news can actually do Runecrafting AFK from level 1 right up to 77! For this, there’s the Ourania Altar. As things are scaled out to your level, in the end, you can get roughly 40K XP per hour. Thanks to the Follow Train, you can just follow someone as they walk up to the altar and the favour will just keep going!

While Runecrafting can be a bit of a slow, tedious process, there’s no denying its profitability. And that’s exactly where its value lies. With a little help from this guide and a pinch of practice, you’ll be on your way to crafting runes with ease. Soon, it’ll come to you as natural as OSRS gold buying.

OSRS | RuneCrafting Guide

What do you think? Are there certain Runecrafting tricks you employ that we might have missed? Do share your thoughts by leaving a comment below! Until then, keep enjoying the wonders of Gielinor through Old School RuneScape!